3 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Visitor Management System

3 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Visitor Management System


Chances are, you’ve upgraded your smartphone, laptop and software over the past few years. You’ve probably also replaced cable with a television streaming or on-demand service and are tracking your daily steps with the latest Fitbit. As technology continues to improve, what was once considered “high-tech” quickly becomes outdated!


The same is true for LobbyGuard Visitor Management Systems. As a LobbyGuard customer, you already know the benefits of using an electronic visitor management system, including enhanced security and greater efficiency. However, like all technology, these systems have been upgraded over recent years.


Is it Time for An Upgrade?

Though we’re proud to say that the LobbyGuard products you’re currently using are still working to streamline visitor management at your school or other organization, there is room for improvement. Now is a great time to upgrade your aging system, and here’s why:


1. Enhanced Features – We have two new products that offer a number of improvements over the Sentry/Scout. First, let us introduce you to the LobbyGuard Defender Kiosk.

The Defender offers:


  • A larger 22” screen display with a durable commercial-grade interface that withstands high traffic
  • An HD webcam
  • 1-D/2-D barcode license scanner that is faster and offers 100% accuracy
  • Customizable mounting/stand preferences that give the Defender a substantial presence.






Our second new product is the LobbyGuard Versa. This kiosk is partnered with a Microsoft Surface Go tablet to bring you a compact and sleek 10” screen display, as well as an easy user interface on one of our fastest operating systems yet.


The Versa includes:

  • 1080p HD webcam
  • 1-D/2-D barcode license scanner that is faster and offers 100% accuracy
  • Visitor badge printer (like the Defender) that can be directly attached to the kiosk or to a remote FrontDesk equipped PC.




Both the Defender and the Versa include a one-year warranty on hardware or an option to upgrade to a 3-year extended warranty. In addition, the software will be covered under the balance of your current support contract.

And, since the Versa uses the same software as the Sentry/Scout, there is no need for re-training. The changeover from Sentry/Scout to the Defender/Versa is simple and seamless!


2. A Special Upgrade Program and Discount – To help you replace your aging system, LobbyGuard is currently offering a special upgrade program, which includes a Customer Loyalty Discount. This discount brings the price point of these new products lower than what you originally paid for your Sentry/Scout Kiosk years ago!


In addition, if you have an available computer, you can take advantage of our special SL Upgrade Package, which includes the software, scanner, camera and printer. This makes the SL our most cost-efficient visitor management system – designed specifically with school system budgets in mind.


3. Microsoft Security Patches – Upgrading your equipment also makes sense from a security standpoint, as Microsoft is not offering security patches for the Windows 7 that was provided on older systems.


Microsoft Mainstream Support for Windows 7 ended on 1/13/15. There are extended security updates available from Microsoft, but only until 1/14/20. Meanwhile, the Defender comes with Windows 10 and Microsoft lifetime patches. (Please note that LobbyGuard support for software and hardware on existing systems will continue.)


As they say, the only constant is change. While your current LobbyGuard products may still be serving you well, our new systems can significantly improve your visitor management experience. Not only do they provide enhanced benefits and greater security, the switch is easy and cost-effective. (In fact, it may be simpler than learning how to use that new phone or getting in your 10,000 daily steps!)


If you’d like to learn more about the Defender, Versa or SL Package, call Steve Bryant at 919-785-3301 ext. 564 or email him at steve.bryant@lobbyguard.com. You can also visit us at www.lobbyguard.com. We’d love to provide a free product demonstration!