LobbyGuard Beta Program

LobbyGuard Go! App for Smartphones

Thank you for taking part in the beta test program for the LobbyGuard GO! app for smartphones.  Users with the Go! app will be able to sign in and out of your building directly from the smartphone without the need to use the kiosk.   These users will still be subject to your LobbyGuard configuration, including instant background checks, custom visitor types and workflows, and visitor badge printing.  The following are just some of the uses you might find for LobbyGuard Go!LobbyGuard Go! Smartphone App

  • Sign in dozens or hundreds of visitors at once with no line at the LobbyGuard kiosk.
  • Sign in parents who pick up or drop off children at the front of the school.  These parents can sign in/out from the car using the app on the smartphone.
  • Track hours spent on the job by volunteers, vendors, contractors, or employees who don’t visit the front office or have convenient access to the LobbyGuard kiosk.  This is especially effective for duties that take place outside the school or facility that need to be tracked, such as volunteer hours.
  • Enhance front office efficiency by reducing overall sign-in time.  Visitors with the Go! app can sign in as they are walking into the school, and the visitor badge can be waiting at the front desk.

As a participating beta customer you will receive a free upgrade to the new LobbyGuard Customer Portal to support the use of your visitors with LobbyGuard Go! as well as free installations of LobbyGuard Go! for the Apple or Android smartphone.

Getting Started as a LobbyGuard Go! Beta Customer

To begin using the Go! app you will need to make a few adjustments to your existing LobbyGuard installation.  These adjustments will not interfere with the manner in which you are using LobbyGuard today.  The LobbyGuard Support team will make these changes to your kiosk at your convenience.  This will result in your kiosk being unavailable for use for not more than 30 minutes.  This will be followed by a brief training session to cover the features of LobbyGuard Go! and how it will impact your installation of LobbyGuard.  Included in this session will be instructions for installing the Go! app on your visitor smartphones.


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