LobbyGuard Makes the Grade in School Safety


When a visitor steps through the door at Brockton High School in Massachusetts, he or she is met with a smile and a self-check-in kiosk. It’s part of an automated visitor management system by LobbyGuard Solutions, which scans the visitor’s driver’s license, takes a photo and prints out a photo-ID badge.

The system also compares the identity of visitors to the national sexual offender registry, as well as scans for names entered by the school who may be involved in a custody issue or banned from school premises for other reasons.

“The system takes the burden off me,” said Mary Penz, who had been making handwritten visitor placards at the front desk for years. “It also adds an extra level of security.”

Taking a Proactive Approach

Fortunately, the high school had not had any problems with security but wanted to be proactive in keeping their school safe. The local police force identified access control as one of the security needs in the school district and recommended using an automated visitor management system. These systems add a lot of features and capabilities that a paper-based system cannot provide. For instance, in the case of a fire or other emergency, the LobbyGuard system maintains a list of every visitor in the building that is viewable online.

As a bonus, the school was able to pay for the system with federal grant money that was made available to improve school safety, train staff and students, and improve outdoor lighting and surveillance.

Increasing in Popularity

With a heightened awareness and concern for school safety, automated visitor management systems are increasing in popularity – and there are a number of reasons why. First, though these systems are powerful, they are also extremely user friendly. They are also easy to install and very affordable. In addition to increasing security, they allow busy front desk staff to attend to other important tasks, as well as simplify record keeping.

“The LobbyGuard kiosk has saved us time while keeping our students safe,” extolled Greg Brown, Principal of Dick Scobee Elementary School in Auburn, Washington. “The LobbyGuard’s amazing features have been able to free up our office staff to do other things, making customer service to our patrons even better. We’re thrilled with the system and its ability to keep our students and staff safe.”

The staff at Edmond Public Schools in Oklahoma agree. They invested in a state-of-the-art security system for each of their schools, which included automated visitor management systems from LobbyGuard, joining the Jenks and Broken Arrow Public Schools in Tulsa.

“It’s another layer of safety and security we can provide to our parents, students and staff,” said Jim Rothrock, Edmond’s Director of Security.

In addition to beefing up security, Edmond Public Schools offered frequent visitors special keytags that streamline the check-in process for $5 each. LobbyGuard provides these keytags as part of their product line. Not only do parents and visitors love the convenience and ease of use, schools who offer them can raise vital funds. In fact, visitor keytag sales have helped hundreds of schools raise money across the U.S.

Making Schools Safer

All around the country, LobbyGuard visitor management systems are making the grade in school safety. Here’s what a few more of our satisfied customers had to say:


“LobbyGuard made East Wake High School a safer place for our staff and students and did so in a manner that saved precious man hours,” said Dr. Herman G. Norman, Principal of East Wake High School.


“Between the license scan and the photo, I feel LobbyGuard is more secure than other systems. It makes me feel better that everyone who steps into the schools has to go through this process before entering where the kids are,” replied a parent and PTA member of Sumner County Schools in Tennessee.


“For us, the deciding criteria for selecting LobbyGuard were its current features and extensive experience in numerous North Carolina school systems,” explained Jimmy Black, Safety and Security Supervisor of the Cumberland County School system.


As Black noted, LobbyGuard has a great deal of experience, not only in North Carolina, where the company is headquartered, but around the country. Today, LobbyGuard handles over 300,000 visitor sign-ins each week and is a recognized leader in the visitor management industry.

LobbyGuard is proud to be part of so many public education safety initiatives and hopes to bring improved security and peace-of-mind to your school!


At LobbyGuard, we believe that we can make schools safer by taking a multi-faceted approach and working together. LobbyGuard offers a full line of visitor management and front office automation products, including self-service kiosks as well as software-only solutions. For a free demonstration and product pricing, give us a call at 1-866-905-6229.