CJIS security policy v5.1 requirements on visitor control and access records

CJIS Compliance for visitors with LobbyGuard

LobbyGuard products efficiently collect all the necessary documentation regarding visitor control and access records compliance to CJIS Security Policy for visitors.

In order to protect Criminal Justice Information, the CJIS security policy v5.1 integrates various directives and recommendations describing minimum security requirements to ensure continuity of information protection.  The CJIS security policy applies to all entities with access to, or who operate in support of FBI CJIS Division’s services and information and to those entities engaged in the interstate exchange of CJIS data. Included in this policy are specific mandates regarding the information included in visitor access records for all persons entering a physically secure location.

To view the entire CJIS security policy click here: www.fbi.gov

LobbyGuard automates the collection and storage of visitor activity and welcome guests to secure environments.  Easy to use, visitor check-in procedures create secure visitor access records which are available for review by designated officials within the agency anytime, anywhere.  LobbyGuard can quickly bring your visitor policy into compliance with CJIS security policy v5.1 requirements for visitor control and access records.  The FBI mandates all agencies be in compliance by 2014.  To view transition requirements click here: www.fbi.gov

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