The Most Robust Stand-Alone Visitor Management Kiosk Solution on the Market

LobbyGuard Defender™

LobbyGuard Defender is a fully integrated, all-in-one touchscreen visitor management kiosk for the ultimate durable, high-traffic solution to ensure both security and regulatory compliance. The Defender system includes a high-resolution camera, bar code scanner, and ID scanner integrated into a single stand-alone unit, along with an easily connected visitor badge printer.

The Defender Difference

Powered by the industry-leading LobbyGuard® visitor management software, LobbyGuard Defender features a 22” touchscreen, the largest screen size of any of our visitor management systems, and is proven to stand up to heavy daily use. The Defender Kiosk includes a sturdy desktop stand or can be wall- or floor-mounted for optimal secure placement in your front office or lobby.

Convey an image of excellence and professionalism

Modernize your lobby or front desk and project a positive company image to every visitor.

Streamline the visitor
process

Dispense with document checks, difficult-to-read handwritten badges, and fumbling with employee directories to notify hosts.

Maintain a secure workplace and ensure regulatory compliance

Know precisely who is on the premises in real time across your locations and remain in strict regulatory compliance.

Record every detail
of each visit

Track visitor arrival, exit, and employee host; have a permanent record of enterprise-wide visitor movement.

A comprehensive visitor management solution

Key LobbyGuard Defender features:

The LobbyGuard Defender system includes: