LobbyGuard protects thousands of schools just like yours every day by screening visitors against criminal databases and providing an electronic record of those who enter the school. The peace of mind and additional security LobbyGuard brings to the education environment are benefits beyond measure for our customers.


LobbyGuard Keytag Fundraising

We are happy to announce an additional benefit to your LobbyGuard system: Fundraising.
LobbyGuard offers Frequent Visitor Keytags as a faster, more convenient way to sign in to your school. Simply scan the bar code on the keytag and LobbyGuard instantly signs you in. The LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytag reduces sign-in time by more than 60%. Parents and visitors to your school will love the convenience and ease of use, and your school will love the funds that can be raised by offering this inexpensive and useful item to all frequent visitors.


Over $100,000 has been raised through keytag sales in schools around the United States. Take advantage of this no-risk opportunity and start raising funds for your school today!


Get Started with Frequent Visitor Keytags

  1. Order your LobbyGuard Fundraising Starter Kit right from our online store.
    Everything you need to begin offering LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytags and raising funds for your school. Your cost is only $2/keytag.
  2. Display your LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytags next to your LobbyGuard station.
    Visitors to your school will immediately recognize the value and time-saving convenience of the keytag.
  3. Sell your LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytags for $5 each (recommended).
    Set the keytags to never expire, or establish a renewal fee to reactivate the keytag at the start of each school year.


No Risk Guarantee

We want you to see how well the LobbyGuard fundraising kit will work for your organization without any worries. That is why we have a no-risk guarantee: Return any unsold keytags within 60 days for a full refund.

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