How do I Unregister a Registered Visitor Keytag?


In some cases you may wish to unregister an issued Registered Visitor Keytag. This FAQ details the steps required to perform this action.


  • Log onto the Administrative Utility.
  • Go to the Registered Visitors Tab.  (See Image 1 below)
  • Click the View link to the right of the visitor you would like to unregister. This will open the Registered Visitors Detail Page. (See Image 2 below)
  • Simply select the button labeled Unregister. (See image 2 below)
  • When you select Unregister you will be prompted with a dialog “Are you sure you want to unregister this visitor?“. Click OK to continue or Cancel to abort the process.

Image 1- Registered Visitor Log


Image 2- Registered Visitor Details


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