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Track your School’s Visitors

Installing LobbyGuard school visitor management in your school sends a message to all visitors that safety is a top priority. LobbyGuard school security systems are simple yet powerful solutions that streamline the visitor sign-in process. Track everyone who enters your campus and stop any threats at the door. LobbyGuard’s system will make it easy for you to track sign in time, sign out time, reason for visit, who was visited, and much more.

Run Background Checks on all Visitors

Our kiosks and sign-in solutions come equipped with LobbyGuard Visitor Management software, which runs background checks on all who attempt to sign in to your school. Stop sex offenders, criminals, or make a custom list of banned individuals for your school.

Simplify School Visitor Management

Get rid of your paper sign in and visitor logging system. LobbyGuard offers a faster, smarter way to manage visitors and know who is in your school.


LobbyGuard School visitor management Saint Albans High-School

Sign-in takes mere seconds, freeing front desk personnel to focus on other important responsibilities. LobbyGuard arrives ready for use in your school, or may be customized to fit your specific visitor management needs.


LobbyGuard School Security guarding Jenks High School

Students who check in late or leave early are easy to record, process, and report on. Multiple export options make it easy to import this data into your Student Information System, reducing your school’s labor costs.


Visitor signing in with LobbyGuard School visitor management - Dick Scobee Elementary

Instant background checks work with national sexual offender databases and customized lists of known local offenders and unwanted guests. Tracking volunteers and parents is easy, with records available from anywhere on the web.


Lobbyguard kiosks and software are field-tested and approved by more than 300,000 visitors every week.
Pricing and purchase options are available to fit any budget.


Meet our newest and most versatile kiosk – The Versa LobbyGuard Versa visitor management kiosk

Frequent Visitor Keytags

LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytag - further simplifies school visitor management

Parents and visitors to your school will love the convenience and ease of use, and your school will love the funds that can be raised.


  • Frequent Visitor Keytag reduces sign-in time by more than 60%.
  • Visitor keytag sales have helped hundreds of schools raise money across the US.

Learn more about keytag fundraising


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LobbyGuard Defender school visitor management kiosk

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