How to Establish a Link with LobbyGuard Go!

If you haven’t already installed the LobbyGuard Go! app you should visit the app store on your mobile device or choose from the following links:


LobbyGuard Go! gives you the power and convenience to sign in and out of any LobbyGuard location direct from your smartphone or mobile device – but to do so you must first “link” to that location. This process allows the LobbyGuard location to control the use of LobbyGuard Go! and to verify that your information is accurate and acceptable for use at that location. Follow the steps below to establish a link:

1 Request the LobbyGuard GROUP ID from the LobbyGuard location to which you wish to link.
All LobbyGuard locations have a unique “Group ID” and you will need the Group ID in order to submit a link request to that location. Contact the LobbyGuard location / customer and request this ID. The Group ID is available to the location via LobbyGuard FrontDesk at Once the user has logged in with proper credentials the Group ID is shown near the top center of the page as illustrated below:

If the LobbyGuard location is unaware of how to use LobbyGuard FrontDesk or LobbyGuard Go! please ask that they contact Note that some LobbyGuard locations / customers do not wish to offer support for LobbyGuard Go! and are therefore not obligated to provide you with the Group ID.
2 Enter the Group ID into LobbyGuard Go!

Launch the Go! app on your mobile device and click on the menu icon on the top left corner. Choose the option to “Request Link” as indicated by the red arrow in the image to the left.

You will be presented with a screen to enter the Group ID. Click the “Submit Link Request” button to complete the action.

Your link request will appear as a red button with the location name. Locations appearing in red are “pending” and have not yet been approved by the LobbyGuard location to which you are requesting a link. You will not be able to sign in to this location while the button appears in red.

3 The LobbyGuard location must review and approve your link request.
The LobbyGuard administrator at the location must log into LobbyGuard FrontDesk and approve your link request. This process will allow the location to review your information including the photo, ID image and other information you entered during the LobbyGuard Go! registration process. Based on this and other information, the location may, at their discretion, approve your link request. NOTE: Submitting false or unreadable images or information will result in suspension of your use of LobbyGuard Go!The LobbyGuard location / customer will need to log in to LobbyGuard FrontDesk at and click ADMINISTRATION LINKED ACCOUNTS LOBBYGUARD GO! from the navigation panel on the left side of the screen, as shown below:
A list of LobbyGuard Go! users will appear including any pending link requests:

The user should click on the “VIEW” icon under the “Actions” column to view your request details and then click APPROVE as shown below:

4 You can now sign in to this location from your smartphone!
The location button should now appear in orange with a “link” icon in LobbyGuard Go!You can click the icon to sign in to the location.