Other Industries

LobbyGuard was built from the ground-up to be flexible and provide the tools necessary to customize the system to a specific environment. Whether you are interested in loss prevention, time and attendance management, tracking specific types of visitors or just enhancing your building security, LobbyGuard can address the specific needs of your market.

Disaster Relief Shelters

Disaster Relief

Register and print badges with the touchscreen kiosk for shelter volunteers and occupant identification.

Search electronic records to location missing persons.

Schedule employees in advance to allow greater kiosk availability.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Keep track of visitors who enter and leave the facility, including attorneys, clergy, and family members.

Record inmates released to outside job sites for correctional and law enforcement personnel.

Hotels, Resorts & Casinos

Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

Track vendors as they enter, leave, and make deliveries in the service entrance to the hotel, aiding in loss prevention.

Require each person to sign and out for improved security records and theft deterrence.

Civic Organizations

Offers security against unwanted visitors via background checks against sex offender registries. Currently in use at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation army, YMCA, and Ronald McDonald House.

Assisted Living Facilities

Provides a more effective way of tracking visitors to these facilities versus the traditional paper logbook.

Foreign Embassies & Consulates

Available in both English and Spanish. Currently in use at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco.

Private Estates

Track contractors who enter and leave via the service entrance.

Construction Sites

Records time and attendance of workers at construction sites, providing a complete photo record of the worker arriving and leaving the job site.

Lobbyguard is field-tested and approved by more than 300,000 visitors every week in buildings around the world.

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