LobbyGuard Partner Demo

Follow the steps below to join the demonstration:

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING. Information on joining the conference call is included in these instructions.

  1. From any web browser visit https://join.me/partnerdemo
  2. Once you have been connected to the presentation you will see the following graphic at the top of your screen. Click the Phone icon located on the left side of the graphic:  2 Click Phone
  3. Click on the CALL BY PHONE option to obtain the phone number and conference ID for the audio portion of the presentation:  Webinar: let's talk

    Choose your city or country from the “Dial” menu and call the number provided:
    Join.me choose region


PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE AT THIS TIME. Please be mindful of others and keep your phone muted during any time you are not speaking with the presenter.


When the Meeting has Concluded:

  1. Click the green “…” icon on the toolbar at the top of your page:
  2. Click on “Exit the Meeting”: