LobbyGuard Optio

A Visitor Kiosk to fit Any Environment and Any Budget.

The LobbyGuard Optio Kiosk provides the flexibility of wi-fi and battery power. Choose from a broad range of product colors and mount options to blend the Optio into any front office or lobby environment.

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  • LobbyGuard Optio scanning a frequent visitor keytag
  • LobbyGuard Optio available in 8 different colors

Hardware Features

LobbyGuard Visitor Management Software Installed: The kiosk is pre-installed with the LobbyGuard Visitor Management Software.

All-In-One Unit: Includes all required security hardware you need: camera, touchscreen, audio speakers, driver license scanner, bar code scanner and visitor badge printer. The LobbyGuard Optio ships with Windows 10 Professional installed.

Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in WiFi means you can position your LobbyGuard Optio anywhere in the building without special Ethernet ports. Just plug into an outlet or use the included batttery power and you're ready to go!

Operate by Touch: Visitors use the integrated touchscreen, not a clumsy keyboard or mouse.

Built-In Camera: High-resolution camera snaps visitor photo for added security. Photo is then printed on the visitor badge.

Visitor Badges: Quickly print photo identification to easily identify visitors. The badge printer can be attached to the kiosk for self-service convenience, or attach it to a front desk PC for security review. Click here for more information on the LobbyGuard Visitor Badge.

Bar Code / Driver License Scanner: Scan the bar code on the printed visitor badge for self-service sign out. Also supports the scan on the reverse of US state-issued driver license. LobbyGuard provides the fastest, most accurate ID scan available.

Audio: Professionally-recorded audio prompts provide step-by-step guidance during sign-in and sign-out.

Flexible Mounting Options: Choose from a wide range of tabletop, floor, or wall mounts for the LobbyGuard Optio.

Color Options: LobbyGuard Optio is available in seven different colors. Choose the color that best fits your needs.

Positive Image: Cutting-edge technology and professional badges enhance your facility’s image and leaves a positive perception on visitors. Display your organization logo or message on the kiosk home page.

Industry-Leading Tech Support: LobbyGuard Support Technicians can take remote control of your Optio Kiosk at your request to resolve issues and answer questions. On-Site support is also available for all LobbyGuard hardware.

Warranty: LobbyGuard warrants the Optio Kiosk for one year from date of installation. An optional 3-year overnight replacement warranty is available.

Software Features

Easy to Use: LobbyGuard software is used by more than 1,000,000 people each week. It was built from the ground-up to be intuitive and simple, ensuring hassle-free adaptation by your visitors. The interface is touchscreen-driven and features visual and audio prompts for each screen.

Multilingual support: Visitors can sign in and out of LobbyGuard in any of the following supported languages Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English (US), English (AU), English (UK), French (France), French (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Hindi, Kannada, Japanese.

Unlimited scalability: Network multiple kiosks together at key locations via LobbyGuard Cloud Services to have one view of all your visitor data, reporting options, configuration settings and much more from anywhere on the web.

Customize your Workflows: Create "visitor types" e.g. guest, employee, contractor, delivery driver, parent, student, faculty, etc. to customize LobbyGuard to your environment. Enable the specific questions you want to ask of each individual visitor type and you have a fully customized visitor management experience that meets the specific requirements of your building or facility.

Visitor Photos: Obtain a visitor photo during sign-in for added security and accountability. Photo can be printed on the visitor badge and is stored as part of the visitor record.

Driver License and ID Scanning: Scan government-issued IDs and driver licenses for all over the world, including INS cards, employee and student IDs and thousands more. LobbyGuard supports image scanning and bar code scanning for instant and accurate data acquisition from supported ID formats.

Visitor Badges: Instantly print customized visitor badges that include visitor name, photo, reason for visit, person being visited, date and time and other important information. Badges contain a bar code that can be scanned at the kiosk for instant sign-out.

Request Visitor Company Name: Obtain the name of the company represented by the visitor as needed.

Agree to Terms and Conditions: Display your building or facility terms and conditions. Visitor must agree in order to proceed with sign-in.

Obtain Visitor Signature: Request an on-screen signature from the visitor.

Track Physical Assets: Ask your visitors to declare any relevant items before entering your building, such as recording devices, USB drives, laptops, etc.

Request Reason for Visit: Provide a menu of choices for the visitor to use in declaring the reason for entering the building.

Employee Directory: Provide visitors with current employee directory through integrations with your Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP server installation. The employee is immediately notified of visitor arrival via email and/or text message.

Enforce Sign-In Times: Restrict visitor sign-in hours, preventing certain visitors from signing in before or after the time of your choosing.

Background Checks: Perform instant background checks against a custom list of banned individuals as well as select criminal databases. Immediately alert appropriate personnel if a match is made.

Visitor Logs: Access your visitor logs from anywhere on the web at www.lobbyguard.net. Instantly view visitors currently signed in and an archive of past visitors to your building, including all aspects of the visitor record: photo, signature, complete record of all driver license or ID information, person visited, time in and time out, total time in your building, and much more.

Reports: Dozens of built-in reports provide instant print records of visitors signed in, visitor archives, time and attendance and much more.

Frequent Visitor Registration: Register frequent visitors, employees, and volunteers, making future sign-ins and sign-outs much faster via key tags or stick-on barcodes.

Advance Scheduling & Screening: Screen visitors in advance of arrival, informing security personnel of expected visitors and streamlining the check-in process.

Time & Attendance: Generate accurate time sheets for employees and volunteers. Photo capture option prevents "buddy punching."

Set your Rules: Use the LobbyGuard Rules feature to turn on instant notifications via email or text message in the event of a background check failure, a visitor staying too long in the building, interface with HTTP Trigger hardware, automatically sign out all visitors at a certain time each day, or power down your kiosk at a given time.

Unlimited User Accounts: Create unlimited user accounts for use in accessing your web-based visitor records and provide relevant data rights to each account.

Custom Welcome Screen: Modify the kiosk welcome screen to include your logo, announcements, videos, text or other information to greet your visitors.

Integration with Student Information Systems: LobbyGuard integrates seamlessly with TEAMS Student Information System and works with dozens of other systems via direct data import.

No Special Ports Needed: LobbyGuard uses ports 80 and 443 on the network firewall to access needed services. No special ports need to be opened.

Custom Development and Integration Services: Need additional hardware or software features? LobbyGuard provides the exact level of customization needed via LobbyGuard Development Services. Contact us today to find out more.