School Sign in System Charlotte

School Sign in System Charlotte

A visitor enters a school without notice, you need to know who they are and if they are a threat. After they have passed your school’s initial security entry protocol, it becomes necessary to do quick background and verify entry approvals. With the world as it is today, we cannot be too careful with the safety of our children. Charlotte parents want and expect their children to be safe and secure when they drop them off at school and LobbyGuardis guided by the same principles. We have developed a school sign in system precisely for signing in visitors and personnel to each and every school. Call Today (866)905-6229


The old manual entry of visitors into a logbook does not have the security level that is now expected. LobbyGuards school sign in system has raised the bar and at the same time increased the level of school security two-fold. Now Charlotte schools will know who exactly is entering and leaving their school and now have the comfort of knowing security issues can be addressed before it’s too late. Now your school will have the flexibility to quickly verify visitors and get them to where they are going.

  • Easy Visitor Management
  • Automatic Visitor Screening
  • Streamlined Sign-in
  • Identification Simplified
  • Industry Leading Reporting

With these benefits, why would you trust your students and faculty to any other company. LobbyGuard has established itself as the industry leader in school sign in safety systems and the most dependable. When you contact LobbyGuard, you know from the start you will be treated the way you expect and better. Get started today with the protection your Charlotte School deserves. Our Charlotte team is ready to help. (866)905-6229