School Sign in System Louisville

School Sign in System Louisville

When it come to schools it is very important to know about the visitors coming in and out.  It is important for school officials to be aware of who is passing through the doors every day.  With schools there are always concerns about students’ safety.  Now traditionally the sign in process consisted of a piece of paper that visitors were required to just put their names on.  There was really no way of knowing anything about the visitors.  Most of the time the school would have personnel assigned to oversee visitors entering and leaving the front lobby.  At LobbyGuard, our school sign in system takes only a few seconds to get visitors registered.  This will eliminate the need for school personnel to be stationed in the front lobby.  They will be free to perform other important tasks in the school.  This also will minimize the workload of the attendance office because the LobbyGuard system will record and generate reports when students come to school late or when they leave early.  This will reduce the schools labor costs because the information can be imported to the school information system from the kiosk.

School Sign in System In Louisville

The school sign in system also has an additional safety feature.  We want to keep the Louisville school system safe.  The LobbyGuard kiosks will make it possible to perform background checks on all visitors that come up to the school.  Our system will work with national sex offenders’ databases.  It also will be able to identify other local offenders and unwanted guests.

School Sign in System Louisville, KY

School safety is very important.  LobbyGuard is dedicated in its efforts to further contribute to the welfare of the Louisville school system.  It is imperative for all school systems to know who is visiting the school.  Our school sign in system makes this possible.  It not only maintains the accountability of school visitors, but it also has the capability of checking their backgrounds as well.  Our system replaces the outdated sign in system which only provided system is in need of updating the visitor sign in process gives us a call At LobbyGuard,.  We can be reached either by email or give us a call at1-866-905-6229.  We look forward to your business.  Our representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have.  We are convinced that you will be satisfied with the services that we provide.