School Visitor Management System Cincinnati

School Visitor Management System Cincinnati

School incidents involving unknown or undesired visitors is cause for alarm, especially since school violence is on the rise.   The knowledge who is entering the school building has become unavoidable, whether its young adults attending college or children in elementary school.  Safety concerns are real and a rising concern for Cincinnati residents and business owners, especially parents. Change has been slow, for colleges and high schools, due to perception, however they are quickly coming around.  Perceptions is 90% of Reality.  Do not allow perception to hide the true reality.

Open Campus School Visitor Management for Cincinnati

Open campus, an issue in the past, is a lesser of an issue with the new software from LobbyGuard. LobbyGuard understood early on this was an issue and set out to find a solution.  We developed a school visitor management system that fits the specific needs of every education facility from elementary to university, across Cincinnati.  (866)905-6229

A Transformation in School Visitor Monitoring

The systems presently in use, by schools and colleges, are required to address many different situations simultaneously, including locking down doors in active shooter situations, alerting staff when a door is propped open, and storing surveillance video in case of an incident. Primarily, schools and colleges need to keep track of campus visitors. Ideally prohibiting or eliminating threats before entry is the simplest method of increasing campus security.  Installation of LobbyGuards complete school Visitor Management solution solves this problem. LobbyGuard’s Cincinnati Visitor Management system uses check-in software, visitor badges, or a combination, to guarantee all guests at a site are monitored and tracked during their campus visit.  Transform your school safety, by adding a layer of security.

K12 Education System

College & University System

Why consider a School Visitor Management System for your Cincinnati school or college campus?

LobbyGuard’s school Visitor Management system is a school’s first line of defense against any outside and unwelcomed intruders and makes it clear safety is your top priority. Stop School threats at the door.

Visitor Management software Solutions can be customized and integrated for highest functionality, which includes running guests against sex offender registries, storing student custody information, and more. This verification integration works extremely well with our kiosks and sign-in solutions.

When the check-in process is streamlined, LobbyGuard’s system will make it easy for you to track sign-in time, sign-out time, reason for visit, who was visited, and much more.  Pressing issues of the day can be addressed due to the extra time freed up for your school staff.

Go ahead and simplify your Cincinnati School Visitor Management processes and get rid of your paper sign in and visitor logging system. LobbyGuard offers a faster, smarter way to manage visitors and know who is in your school.  Contact our Cincinnati team of experts to get started with securing your school or campus. (866)905-6229