School Visitor Management System for Schools Louisville

School Visitor Management System for Schools Louisville

Over the past couple of years we have seen unwanted guests on college campuses causing major disruption in student’s matriculation.  There are many safety concerns on college campuses not only from unwanted campus guests but also students that may have intentions of causing trouble on campus.  Here in Louisville we have many colleges and universities from satellite campuses to full four year institutions.  Some view enhancing levels of security as a difficult task on college campuses since they are so open but we don’t see that is a problem because we can accommodate this with no problems.   At LobbyGuard,, we don’t believe in making excuses but instead we make ways.

School Visitor Management System for Schools In Louisville

LobbyGuard school visitor management system will provide colleges with the necessary tools to identify any and all visitors going to residence halls and other facilities on the campus.  Our visitor system makes sure that all faculty, students, and visitors are approved and safe to visit the campus.  We have a quick and simple sign in method for visitors entering and exiting residence halls and buildings.  Instant background checks will be performed on all visitors to see if they are able to have access to the campus.

School Visitor Management System for Schools Louisville, KY

LobbyGuard goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of students and visitors throughout the campus.  The visitor records can be accessed from any cell phone and web browser. Students should not have to grapple with safety issues but instead should be able to focus on their studies.  We At LobbyGuard,, want to make sure that this is possible.

College campuses will be a little safer with LobbyGuard school visitor management system in place.  Everybody attempting to visit residence halls and any other facility on the college campus will be subjected to an instant background check.  If they are not successfully cleared by that background check they will not gain access on the campus and the necessary personnel will be notified to remove them from the premises.  If your college campus needs an extra layer of security to increase safety don’t hesitate to call LobbyGuard because we can accommodate your needs.