School Visitor Management System Jacksonville

School Visitor Management System Jacksonville

A School Visitor Management System Adds an Additional Layer of Security for your Jacksonville Educational Institution.

At LobbyGuard we specialize in visitor management systems.  Our system is available for school systems K-12.  This product is one of our most popular products.  We offer a customized kiosk that is programmed to accommodate the perspective school.  Recently we have seen a surge of violence in our schools across the United States.  Most of it has been carried out by unwelcomed individuals.  There is a great demand to make schools safer by any means.  It is imperative to keep the children safe.  In Jacksonville parents, children, and school administrators will have their minds at ease in terms of safety when LobbyGuard’s visitor management systems are being used.  Our visitor management system increases safety.  It is the first level of security for the schools because it requires visitors to sign in with their personal information.  Our system allows you to track all visitors from the time they enter the school until the time they leave.  In Jacksonville we have a very large and extensive school system.  It is important to have resources in place to properly monitor any and all people visiting the schools.  This will serve as an initial fail safe that can possibly eliminate any potential threats before they arrive.

School Visitor Management System In Jacksonville

We have visitor management software that will enable the school to run background checks on everyone who attempt to sign in the school.  This can prevent sex offenders, criminals from entering the school.  You also will be able to create a database containing the names of everybody that has been banned from visiting the school.  We have over 157,000 within 230 schools in Jacksonville and their safety is important.  At LobbyGuard we are committed to making schools in Jacksonville safer.

School Visitor Management System Jacksonville, FL

We have frequent visitor key tags available for parents and visitors.  The money raised from people that purchase the key tags goes directly to the school.  This is a great fundraising opportunity for the schools.  One of the selling points for the key tags is that is it convenient and it reduces sign in time by 60%.  The visitor monitor system will help the school systems in Jacksonville effectively monitor visitors and know exactly who is showing up.  It will eliminate the outdated paper sign in process.

The LobbyGuard visitation monitoring system will be very beneficial to the Jacksonville school system.  It will provide additional levels of safety that will protect students, teachers, and administrators.  LobbyGuard wants to provide you with these valuable resources.  If you want to improve your visiting monitoring system please consider LobbyGuard.  The service that we provide is both professional and effective.  If you have any questions about the services that we offer you can give us a call at1-866-905-6229.