Overnight Return Procedure for LobbyGuard Scout

IMPORTANT: You must complete this form in order to receive the replacement for your Scout kiosk

This page will guide you through the steps to quickly process the overnight replacement. Please complete the form below and click the SUBMIT button to send this information to the LobbyGuard Customer Service Team. You will receive an email from Customer Service including a return shipping label and complete instructions for preparing and packing your damaged kiosk. Overnight return forms completed prior to 1pm Eastern Time will be processed immediately for next-business-day delivery.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to working with you as quickly as possible to remedy this situation and process your overnight return. If you have questions please contact customerservice@lobbyguard.com. International customers should contact their reseller for assistance.

Customer Name:
Customer Contact Name:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Shipping Address:

I understand that I will receive an overnight replacement Scout kiosk and am responsible for shipping the damaged kiosk using the replacement kiosk packaging. I understand that a return shipping label will be sent to the email address I have provided above and that I am responsible for using this shipping label to return the damaged kiosk. I understand that failure to return the damaged kiosk within 30 days will result in an invoice for the replacement kiosk.

IMPORTANT: You must return your damaged kiosk within 30 days or you will be invoiced for the cost of the replacement kiosk.