How do I Load Visitor Badges?

LobbyGuard Kiosk Label Printer


Loading Visitor Badges is a very simple process. This FAQ will provide a step-by-step guide to changing badges.


Follow these instructions to load a new roll of badges in the printer:

  • Pull the side door open by the printer. It is held in place with a magnetic enclosure; pull ing the door from the top will open it and expose the printer (see image below).
  • Remove the printer from the kiosk and lift open the top of the printer to expose the spool that holds the roll of visitor badges.
  • Detailed instructions for replacing the roll of badges are located inside the printer. Refer to these instructions for information on replacing the roll of badges.
  • Place the printer back into the kiosk. Make certain the two cables
    that connect the printer to the kiosk are still connected to the
    bottom of the printer.

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