LobbyGuard v5.0 Upgrade Request

Follow the instructions below to upgrade your LobbyGuard Kiosk to version 5.0 of the LobbyGuard Visitor Management software. Click here to learn what’s new in this version. If you have questions or need assistance please contact support@lobbyguard.com.

You must follow the instructions contained in the link below in order to receive the upgrade:

How to get your LobbyGuard Kiosk ready for Version 5

The following important information will apply during the upgrade process:

  • All kiosks at your location(s) will be offline until the upgrade process is complete. Kiosks cannot be used during the upgrade process. Plan on having your kiosks offline for not less than one business day.
  • Each kiosk must have an active internet connection during the upgrade process.
  • You will be required to physically initiate a remote support session from each kiosk.
Enter the requested information in the fields below and click the Submit button.
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How to identify the current LobbyGuard software version on your kiosk
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I have followed the above steps for preparing my kiosk for v5.0