A Sleek, Compact, and Modern
Visitor Management System

LobbyGuard Versa™

LobbyGuard Versa is an affordable, compact self-service visitor management kiosk that makes an excellent, high-tech first impression. Versa helps food companies screen, monitor, and track visitors to safeguard the workplace, keep food safe against both inadvertent and intentional visitor-related food adulteration, and automatically produce critical visitor records for FSMA compliance and audit readiness.

The Value of Versa

Versa enables instant, accurate ID scanning and screening for criminal background and prints authorized visitor badges with photo, name, destination or employee host, and other important information. Versa uses the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT operating system and integrates seamlessly and securely with virtually any network.

Convey an image of excellence and professionalism

Modernize your lobby or front desk and project a positive company image to every visitor.

Streamline the visitor
process

Dispense with document checks, difficult-to-read handwritten badges, and fumbling with employee directories to notify hosts.

Maintain a secure workplace, keep food safe, and ensure FSMA compliance and audit readiness

Know precisely who is on the premises in real time across your locations and remain in strict regulatory compliance.

Record every detail
of each visit

Track visitor arrival, exit, and employee host; have a permanent record of enterprise-wide visitor movement.

A comprehensive visitor management solution

Key LobbyGuard Versa features:

  • Instant, accurate ID scanning and screening for US person status, criminal background, and more, with built-in reporting functions to help ensure full FSMA compliance
  • Wi-Fi enabled—just plug into 120V power or use the included battery
  • Prints color photo ID badge for easy visual identification of authorized visitors; the badge printer can be attached to the kiosk for self-service convenience or to a front desk PC for security review
  • A bar code scanner scans supported ID documents for expedited sign-in as well as the printed visitor badge for self-service sign out
  • Creates complete visitor logs with real-time line of sight to every visitor currently checked in
  • Instantly notifies the host employee of authorized visitor arrival via email and/or text message
  • Custom development and integration services are available for the exact level of client customization needed via LobbyGuard Development Services

The LobbyGuard Versa system includes:

  • Microsoft® Surface Go tablet (10.1” touchscreen) with Windows 10 Professional installed
  • ID scanner
  • Bar code scanner
  • Visitor badge printer
  • Built-in high-resolution camera
  • Pre-installed LobbyGuard Visitor Management software
  • A one-year warranty from date of installation; an optional 3-year extended warranty is available
  • Unlimited LobbyGuard support available by phone or email 7am to 6pm Eastern Monday – Friday