Visitor Management Baltimore

Visitor Management Baltimore

The city that is also referred to as Charm City, Baltimore, is home to corporate offices such as; Under Armour, McCormick & Co., Xerox, and One Main Financial, which are only a few.  With businesses like these, there is a huge demand for maintaining the safety of employees, due to the size of the buildings and number of employees. It behooves them to keep track of who the visitors are.  LobbyGuard has a visitor management system in place that will provide an additional line of safety, that is perfect for this need.  Our system adds the extra layer of security to verify customers, employees and vendors, upon entry.  It makes sure that these vendors have been approved to be on the premises.  The LobbyGuard visitor management system will photograph every visitor along with the time that they signed in and out.  Everything will be documented and tracked.  Visitors will be tracked in real time, which is a major asset just in case there is a situation where something occurs, which would call for the building to be evacuated.  This applies to both regular visitors and day to day visitors. Specific rules can be implemented for visitor compliance before gaining access to the building.

Visitor Management In Baltimore

Companies will be able to instantly screen visitors and do background checks allowing for visitor management monitoring during events; such as family days, company luncheons, seminars, and workshops.  It will allow for comparisons to a list of people that have previously been banned from the building.  If it is discovered that a visitor is on the list, it alerts the necessary personnel so they can be removed from the property.

Visitor Management Baltimore, MD

To speed up the entry process, LobbyGuard visitor management system will give visitors access to a self –service kiosk, which will be equipped with an employee directory.  Once visitors locate the name of the person, that they have come to see, it will notify them electronically via either email or text message.  The host employee will be required to come down and escort their visitor(s) to the area where their offices are located.  Since the visitor check in will be completely automated there will be no need for companies to spend money on personnel to work the front desk.

Here at LobbyGuard we realize the importance of visitor management.  It provides much needed security in buildings.  Organization is increased and all visitors are screened preventing those that should not be there from gaining access to the office areas.  Let LobbyGuard help you better manage the people visiting your buildings.  We have been in business since 2005 and have years of experience in visitor management.  Let us put our expertise to work for your organization. (866)905-6229