Visitor Management Los Angeles

Visitor Management Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a strategic home base for many businesses, warehouses, office buildings, commercial structures, and government buildings, federal, state, and local.  Is building security within your purview?  Are improvements needed in your security procedures as they pertain to the visitors to your building?   For most businesses, in Los Angeles, visitors enter and leave daily.  Are you obtaining basic information vital in understanding who and why they are visiting?  How are visitor logs maintained? Questions that need to be answered and addressed as part of any security plan.  Vital pieces of information your security personnel need at their fingertips.  For safety reasons, permittance of visitors should be monitored closely eliminating free entry without providing at least basic personal information.  Remember the old book bound visitor logs?  Some security teams are still doing it the old fashioned way.  Its purpose has been served, however, with the increase in technology and the expertise of LobbyGuard, the process has been taken to the next level and gone digital.

What is Visitor Management for Los Angeles Building Security?

The definition of visitor management is the process of collecting and recording visitor data, either manually or through automated software check in, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting and the duration of the visit.  Time is a luxury, for most businesses, and processing visitors quickly and efficiently is essential to a secure and smooth process, improving the visitor experience.  To address the problem of Visitor Management Los Angeles, LobbyGuard has developed a solution, when implemented will increase security, streamline visitor check-in, and improve visitor experience, for both building and school security.

Why does a business or office building, in Los Angeles, need an automated visitor management system?

The days of handwritten visitor registration logs are long gone, and digital tracking is the new norm.  If so, then why are they still in use? Perception.  Handwritten logs are slower, bulky, provide almost no security ,and leave visitor information visible.  An automated visitor management system, with kiosks where needed, and designed by LobbyGuard, offer a professional check-in appearance and experience, improve security, and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data. Call today (866)905-6229 !

Building Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience: With new technology and processes it’s important that customer experience is not a secondary consideration. A security experience can maintain a level of calm and unobtrusiveness. When selecting new technologies, facility managers should look for solutions that provide a balance between improved security and a better customer experience.

Key Benefits offered by LobbyGuard’s Visitor Management System

The benefits surrounding LobbyGuard’s visitor management system, for Los Angeles businesses and buildings, remove the negative perceptions and support upgrading security procedures.

  • Enhanced professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in with a digital check in system
  • Provide additional safeguards by screening against felony and sex offender watch lists if applicable
  • Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations
  • Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily via visitor management software

LobbyGuard was founded on integrity and Reliability and has brought their experience and dedication to safety to Los Angeles.  Putting together a team of the best minds in the industry, LobbyGuard has developed unmatched visitor management and viable solutions, offering highly secure and reliable visitor pass solutions and check-in software meeting the needs of small or large organizations.  With the LobbyGuard Visitor Management system, visitor check-in time can be reduced to 20 seconds or less?

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Stop using antiquated visitor log books or leaving your lobby unattended.  Free your security personnel to make personable visitor greetings that improve the overall visitor experience.  LobbyGuard’s visitor management system is the modern solution supporting single building lobbies or multi-site establishments. Our goal is to make check-in simple for visitors, quick for security personnel, and safe for employees or tenants.

The choice is simple.  LobbyGuard has a visitor management perfectly suited for your situation and can be customized as needed. Contact us now and one of our Los Angeles experts will reach out to you to begin the process of streamlining and securing your visitor management processes and procedures. (866)905-6229