Visitor Management San Francisco

Visitor Management San Francisco

There are several company corporate offices located in San Francisco such as; Wells Fargo, Skyy Spirits, Lyft, and Del Monte.  There is a big demand to improve safety measures for employees in office buildings.  LobbyGuard currently has a visitor management system that will provide an additional line of safety.  This system we have in place adds extra security for people visiting buildings such as employees, customers, and vendors.  This ensures that these people have been granted access to be on the property.  Everybody’s visit will be documented and tracked in real time.  This is a great tool because it enables you to know who is on the property and where they are.  This is invaluable especially in case there is an emergency situation.  There is no doubt that you will be in complete control on who is able to gain access to your building.

Visitor Management In San Francisco

Visitor management will allow you to monitor events that visitors attend such as family picnics, company luncheons, seminars, and workshops.  LobbyGuard can help you improve the visitor management process.  Companies will be able to instantly screen visitors and do background checks.  It will allow them to compare visitors to a list of people that have previously been banned from the building.  If it is discovered that a visitor is on the list it alerts the necessary personnel so they can be removed from the property.  Every visitor will be held accountable.

Visitor Management San Francisco, CA

Corporate buildings that are located in San Francisco have many employees.  Some of which receive several different visitors on a daily bases.  This could consist of people from job seekers to vendors.  Visitor management can eliminate confusion at the front desk lobby because of the influx of daily traffic.   LobbyGuard visitor management will give visitors access to a self –service kiosk that will be equipped with an employee directory.  Once visitors locate the name of the person that they have come to see it will notify them electronically via either email or text message.  Then they will come down and escort their visitors up to the area where the offices are located.  Since the visitor check in will be completely automated there will be no need for companies to spend money on personnel to work the front desk.

Here at LobbyGuard we realize the importance of visitor management.  It provides the much needed security in buildings.  Everything is more organized and all visitors are able to be screened preventing those that should not be there from gaining access to the office areas.  Let LobbyGuard help you better manage the people visiting yours buildings.  We have been in business since 2005 and have lots of experience in visitor management.  There is no need to worry.  Let us put our expertise to work for your organization.