Visitor Management Software Indianapolis

Visitor Management Software Indianapolis

A visitor enters the front lobby of your Indianapolis office building.  They approach the front desk.  What do you do?

Your security or front desk personnel normally greet them with a pleasant “How are you today? How can we help you?” In years past, their information would be written in a standard printed log, recording their name, who they are visiting, and maybe one to two more pieces of information.  No form of background check or security protocol.  Does this sound safe?  LobbyGuard does not think so either. So, we decided to do something about it and find a solution.  A solution that streamlines the check-in procedure yet adds a valuable level of security. (866)905-6229

Visitor Management Software Indianapolis

Indianapolis businesses and office buildings deserve better than the past methods of visitor management.  LobbyGuard’s visitor management software goes above and beyond your standard visitor check-in procedures. Now the information obtained upon check-in is entered into our software where the information is verified against a database to screen against security risks and unwanted entry. This procedure is also available in our full line of kiosks that reduce the wait time for the visitor and the number of personnel required.  Your personnel will have more time to more observant and responsive in times of need and uncertainty.  Your Indianapolis facility will be better protected, and your tenants or employees will be grateful.

Indianapolis Visitor Management Software Benefits

Protection and security are the staples of LobbyGuard’s visitor management software. Our software has benefits unmatched in the industry and, for Indianapolis businesses and buildings, that is welcome news.  What are the benefits?

  • Safeguards put in place by screening every visitor that enters the facility
  • Enhancements in the enrollment and check-in process adding a layer of professionalism due to digital streamlining.
  • During emergencies, security personnel will be able to quickly and accurately identify visitors and employee’s whereabouts, if needed.
  • Quick and simple analysis/reporting of visitor data.

The benefits associated with the installation and implementation, of LobbyGuard’s visitor management software, far exceed and improve upon the past visitor check-in process.  The visitors, to your Indianapolis business or office building, will enjoy the smoothness of checking in and your employees and tenants will have the added security they desire. Contact LobbyGuard today and get started with a better visitor management process.   (866)905-6229