Visitor Management System for Schools in Chicago

Visitor Management System for Schools in Chicago

Have you observed the news recently?  School violence is on the increase.  The increasing overall violence and school incidents has forced schools, in Chicago, to install a trusted visitor management system, as a layer of security.  What if you could purchase a Chicago Visitor Management Systems designed specifically for schools?  Would that be important?  Would it transform the security of your school? Would it be important to reinforce the visual school security impression?  Would parents, students, and faculty be more comfortable knowing they are safer?  This would be a major improvement over traditional school check-in procedure.  Traditionally, schools have utilized hand-written sign-in or logbooks.  Analysis of visitor information was slow or almost non-existent with generic sticker labels for visitors and hand-written late slips for pupils and staff. Chicago schools have the responsibility to safeguard students and faculty, so why not give them the tools to do so? Call LobbyGuard today .   (866)905-6229

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Visitor Management System for Schools in Chicago – Transform Your School Visitor Management

LobbyGuard has developed a visitor management system developed for schools and their unique challenges, transforming the industry.  We are leaders in the movement of schools into the digital age starting with the school visitor check-in procedure.  Visitor registration and activity are on the system that can easily be accessed, and visitors are provided with photographic ID labels.  Speed and accuracy are the cornerstone.  The introduction of a new electronic visitor management system for schools also boosts the level of security. Security is an issue parents take consider when choosing a school, the importance is the safety of their child.  LobbyGuard is aware of the need for increased security in Chicago schools, consequently we have put a large amount of work into perfecting data security and sign in protocols. LobbyGuard is the trusted and reliable provider of visitor management systems for schools.  Your parents will thank you because they will know that their children are in the most capable hands.

Visitor Management Systems for Schools Features:

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • All-in-One Unit
  • Built-in Camera
  • Quick Badge Printing
  • Bar Code/Driver’s License Scanner

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LobbyGuard’s visitor management system for schools, in Chicago, is compatible with most management information systems (MIS) which gives school reception staff full control over who is entering and leaving your school.

Contact our Chicago team today to arrange a demonstration.  Your parents and faculty will thank you.  (866)905-6229