Congratulations on your purchase of a LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Pass. Your purchase will provide enhanced sign-in for you and additional revenue for your school. Follow the instructions below to begin using your pass immediately:

  1. Remove the keytag from the card and place it on your key ring. You may also choose to make use of the wallet-sized card that contains the same bar code information as your keytag.
  2. Scan the bar code of either the keytag or card (you do not need to do both) at any LobbyGuard Kiosk. The kiosk will greet you and walk you through the one-time registration process.
  3. Once you have registered your Frequent Visitor Pass, you can sign in and out of the facility by simply scanning the bar code on either the keytag or the card. Please note that if you are currently signed “in”, scanning the bar code will sign you “out”, and vice versa.
  4. During sign-in you may still be required to take your photograph and choose your reason for visit.
  5. You can use this same keytag or card at any other LobbyGuard installation, however you may be required to repeat the registration process at other installations.

Important: Use of this card by anyone other than original owner is in violation of use policy and may constitute trespassing. If others in your family need to make use of a Frequent Visitor Pass it is important they purchase one separately. If you lose your keytag or card it is important that you immediately inform the school so that your pass can be disabled.

Don’t Forget! The Frequent Visitor Pass makes a great fundraiser for your school!

If you have additional questions or comments please contact LobbyGuard Technical Support at