LobbyGuard Scout
The LobbyGuard Scout all-in-one kiosk
LobbyGuard is a visitor management and front office automation system. LobbyGuard software and products are designed to increase building security and reduce workload on front desk personnel by using the self-service convenience of kiosk and smartphone-based applications. Visitors can be checked and tracked through the LobbyGuard visitor management system. The end result is a safer and more efficient work or school environment.  

Who uses LobbyGuard?

LobbyGuard is installed in thousands of locations in the United States and around the world.  LobbyGuard offers the flexibility to fit into any environment seeking to increase security and efficiency.  Some of the vertical markets that use and benefit from LobbyGuard include:
  • Public and Private K-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Small Businesses and Large Corporations
  • Local, State, and Federal Government Buildings
  • Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts
  • Hospitals and Physician Clinics
  • Sports and Concert Venues
  • Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Manufacturing Facilities
    LobbyGuard in School
    LobbyGuard in a Public School Environment
  • Shipping and Receiving Docks
  • Civic and Non-Profit Organizations
LobbyGuard focuses on the need to increase security while providing cost-saving automation and efficiency to the front desk and other areas that receive visitors.  


LobbyGuard enhances building and facility security through a process of tracking, screening, and badging your visitor traffic. Key features to the LobbyGuard security approach include:
  • Instantly record all aspects of your visitor traffic
  • Scan driver license and hundreds of other visitor ID formats
  • Screen visitors against criminal databases and your own Red Flag List
  • Prints highly visible visitor badge on your choice of 8 different colors
  • Access your visitor records and run reports at anytime from anywhere on the web

Automation & Efficiency

LobbyGuard Go! App
The LobbyGuard Go! App for smartphones
  • Self-Service interface allows your visitors to sign in and sign out unassisted
  • Notifies the employee being visited via email and/or text message
  • Records time and attendance for ease of timesheet reporting or for use as a time clock
  • The LobbyGuard Smartphone Visitor App allows visitors to sign in and out without using the kiosk. Process hundreds of visitors at once and eliminate any waiting at the front desk for assistance.

LobbyGuard Products

LobbyGuard offers a full line of products to meet the needs of any environment and any budget. The LobbyGuard product lineup includes all-in-one kiosk solutions, software that can be installed on your existing hardware, and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. All LobbyGuard products include web-access to visitor records, reports and configuration settings, as well as no-cost instant background checks and unlimited data storage on the LobbyGuard Cloud Services platform.   Click here to take a tour of the LobbyGuard Product Lineup.