What is the Administrative Utility?


The LobbyGuard Administrative Utility is web-based software that can be accessed from any PC on the internet. Since it is web-based, it does not require any installation to run – it is accessed via a web browser, just like any other web page. This means you have access to your visitor records, reports and other information from anywhere in the world. This article will describe the basic features of the Administrative Utility.


The Administrative Utility provides the following features:

  • Visitors – View complete details of visitors to your building, including those who have been flagged by the LobbyGuard Background Check.
  • Registered Visitors –Use this section to manage those visitors carrying a LobbyGuard Frequent Visitor Keytag.
  • Scheduled Activities – Schedule upcoming appointments directly with LobbyGuard and send notifications to your scheduled visitors via email. Create “events” to handle large numbers of visitors in a very short period of time.
  • Time and Attendance – Modify the time a registered visitor has signed in/out in order to generate an accurate time and attendance report.
  • Rules – Create and control Trigger Event and Action rules for your LobbyGuard station; for example you can create a ‘rule’ that tells LobbyGuard to notify a certain group of individuals when a background failure occurs during sign-in.
  • Administration – Change workflow settings for various visitor types and other settings for your LobbyGuard station.

Additional Information

How Do I Log On to the Administrative Utility?