Release Notes

Release Notes
LobbyGuard Kiosk v5.43, FD v1.38, API v6.62


Features Added:


  • Added the ability to re-assign a Visitor Type to your registered visitors when choosing to delete a visitor type
  • Added a new workflow option that allows visitors to estimate the amount of time to be spent in the building
  • A new rule action “Sign Out Estimated Visitors” has been added to the Edit Rules page. This will allow the new workflow option “Ask visitor to estimate the time to be spent in the building” to trigger
  • Visitor Details view on the Signed In, Signed Out, and Denied pages will now display in a pop-up window in FrontDesk
  • Time and Attendance report now includes a sort parameter
  • LobbyGuard Go! user detail page has been updated to include all profile fields
  • A “Get Supplies” button has been added to the Login page of FrontDesk for supply orders
  • The FrontDesk Dashboard pie chart has been modified to display the actual number of visitors by visitor type


  • Added a new kiosk screen for the Estimate Sign Out Time workflow option
  • Workflow options “ID number” and “Custom Input” are now supported with badge printing

Issues Identified and Corrected:


  • The Sign Out button on the Signed In log will now correctly insert the sign-out time
  • The Sign Out button on the Signed In visitor details page will now correctly insert the sign-out location


  • Employee photos will now display for directory selections
  • Scanning a scheduled visitor barcode that was generated with “Individual Barcodes” will allow visitors to sign-in

This release will be subject to auto-update for all customers using LobbyGuard v5.x.  This update will apply to your kiosk at the time chosen during initial kiosk registration or you can restart your kiosk for instant update.  Verify your upgrade by accessing the Kiosk Control Panel and click on the “Support Info” button or contact

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