The #1 Visitor Management Solution for Facility Security and Compliance

As a manufacturer, security, employee safety, and regulatory demands are your top visitor management concerns.
LobbyGuard® builds visitor management solutions that ensure workplace safety, minimize front-desk workload, and help you maintain full ITAR, FSMA, and CTPAT compliance.
We help clients determine precisely who is attempting to enter their buildings — while minimizing reception personnel workload — with powerful self-service tablet and touchscreen kiosk visitor check-in and monitoring systems.

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Ensure Security, Safety, and Compliance

LobbyGuard systems enable comprehensive background screening, full regulatory compliance, and real-time global line of sight to all visitors across a client’s facilities. User-friendly, self-contained, Wi-Fi enabled LobbyGuard solutions help companies:

Screen every visitor for U.S. person status, criminal background, ITAR banned visitor status, and more.

Ensure each visitor authorization is visible to any employee with a time-controlled, automatically issued temporary badge.
Record every detail of each visit—including entry, exit, and employee host—and ensure comprehensive, enterprise-wide visitor monitoring in real time.
Maintain ITAR, FSMA, and CTPAT facility compliance with easily accessible, robust reporting.

Hundreds of leading manufacturers have chosen LobbyGuard, including: