The #1 Office Visitor Management System
for Businesses

LobbyGuard® provides corporate visitor management solutions for some of the most prominent Fortune 500 offices in America.

Our office visitor management system ensures that the thousands of employees, customers, and vendors passing through your corporate lobby are approved and safe to be in your building. 

The LobbyGuard office visitor management system allows you to capture visitor photos, track sign-in and sign out times of each visitor, and allows for Yes/No health questions to screen visitors for COVID-19 exposure.

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Simplify and Secure your Office Lobby with a
Trusted Visitor Management System

Plan event visits, sign in special visitors or day-to-day regular visitors, and track and review who is in your building in real-time. Set different rules and workflows for different types of visitors and different entrances. LobbyGuard corporate visitor management will improve the visitor processes, while making a professional first impression to new visitors.


Instantly screen and background check all visitors against a “Red Flag List” of individuals banned from your building and select criminal databases; alert appropriate personnel when a match is made.

Digital records provide an instant account of who was in your building and when, helping to facilitate contact tracing


Easily integrate with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP server to offer a current employee directory; notify the correct person of a guest with an email and/or text message.

This professional, sophisticated addition to your lobby makes an influential first impression on your visitor.


Sign in visitors with a self-service kiosk, freeing front desk personnel. The advanced “Scheduled Visitor” feature further streamlines check-in with a list of visitors expected on a given day.

Lobbyguard is field-tested and approved by more than 300,000 visitors every week in buildings around the world.

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