Visitor Management System Can Keep Your Office Safe from Coronavirus

LG Kiosk

As Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, businesses around the world face the daunting challenge of keeping their employees safe from infection. Companies, especially ones with frequent visitor traffic, hosting visitors, vendors, and contractors each day, must take precautionary steps. In this blog post, we share how a visitor management system can help you keep your employees, their families, and your workplace safe from exposure to the coronavirus.

A visitor management system allows visitors to sign in at your front desk by scanning their IDs, completing a short sign-in process, and receiving a visitor’s badge if approved. A comprehensive, tested system like LobbyGuard Visitor Management can help you reduce Coronavirus risk.

Determine Visitor’s Risk

Customizing your check-in process to ask about the visitor’s health, their own possible exposure to COVID-19, and their recent travel patterns prior to granting access to your company helps you determine the individual’s risk. The visitor management system can ask a question, such as:

  • Have you recently traveled to any specific countries or cities known to have COVID-19 outbreaks?
  • Have you experienced any symptoms related to the coronavirus, such as a fever or dry cough?
  • Have you been in close contact with persons displaying symptoms or known to have tested positive for the coronavirus?

Companies can also pre-screen scheduled visitors by sending questions on platforms such as Survey Monkey or Google Docs. The visitor will then be placed on either the “Green Flag” (approved) or “Red Flag” (unapproved) list based on their answers. Any visitor on the Red Flag list who attempts to sign in on the self-service kiosk will not be issued a badge or granted access.

Reduce Fear

Approved visitors receive a badge after signing into the self-service visitor management kiosk. Badges typically include the visitor’s information and photograph and can also be customized to include “Pre-Screened for Coronavirus” or a similar message. Everyone who sees the visitor in your building will instantly know that they have been screened. Though this is not a medical screening, and we encourage you follow CDC recommendations, this does add a layer of protection and comfort for employees.

Alert Others of Infection

If your company was potentially exposed to Coronavirus by a visitor who tested positive, you will likely want to alert others who were in the facility at that time of their increased risk of infection. The LobbyGuard Visitor Management system tracks and records every visitor and their details, which can include their contact information, when they were in your building, and who they were visiting. These details are available in a downloadable report, giving you instant access to the information you need to (1) determine when the infected visitor was in your building and (2) alert others who were in your building while the sick visitor was there.

Limit Access to Specific Individuals

Many companies are mandating work from home policies, but some groups of employees, contractors, and visitors may still be authorized to enter your facilities. The LobbyGuard visitor management system allows you to place certain individuals, such as equipment repair technicians or housekeeping, on the approved list, giving them access to your facility upon sign in, while other individuals are temporarily denied access.

The LobbyGuard Visitor Management system gives you greater control over who is entering your premises and gaining access to your offices and employees. At LobbyGuard, our goal has always been to keep your company and employees safe—and we continue to expand this goal by empowering you to better screen visitors and minimize COVID-19’s spread.