A Customer-Focused Culture At LobbyGuard

We pride ourselves on being a partner to our clients. We know that organizations want a trusted provider that anticipates new and developing facility safety challenges, continually supports them so they can be successful, and reliably delivers on these promises year after year. LobbyGuard is that partner for you for safety. The key to the success of our partnerships is our company culture. The first fundamental tenet of that culture is “Focus on Customer Success.” It’s the reason we’re able to build solid, long lasting relationships with our clients. It’s also one of the biggest reasons we maintain an annual customer retention rate of better than 98%.

LobbyGuard Solutions, is a leader in enterprise visitor management solutions. We serve industries where facility safety and compliance are of primary importance – manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, hi-tech, pharma, government and more.

The Stakes for Safety Have Never Been Higher

Today, it’s more imperative than ever that our workplaces are safeguarded against violence and danger. That our employees and customers feel protected and empowered. With workplace safety issues and the tragic rise in violence, the well-being of our communities is increasingly at risk. And the task of addressing these vulnerabilities— identifying dangerous visitors, vetting and managing contractors and volunteers, and being equipped to efficiently respond to emergencies—is increasingly complex. This landscape is daunting. But you have a committed, uncompromising ally to help you confidently navigate it.

A trusted, tested partner, LobbyGuard provides 34,000 facilities with ongoing expertise, relentless innovation, and a safety management software system that provides assurance in the face of intensifying threats. Each week, 3.3 million people are screened with a LobbyGuard solution.

Our History

Founded in 2005, LobbyGuard was an early innovator in the visitor management sector and was the first to offer a self-service sign-in kiosk. LobbyGuard grew significantly over 15 years by delivering innovative products and personal service. In 2019,  LobbyGuard products will now be focused on the corporate, healthcare, manufacturing and government markets. 

Enterprise-class from Start to Finish

Safety requires defense in depth. So does providing enterprise-class software and support. Our holistic approach ensures world-class software solutions and the backup—from cloud security to technical support—to make our clients successful.

LobbyGuard® is a registered trademark. The company name and products are frequently spelled incorrectly as “Lobby Guard Solutions” or “Lobby Guard.” For additional info on the company or product background, please contact us.