Visitor Management Solutions for Security, Compliance, and Savings

What LobbyGuard® Can Do For You


Improve the physical security of your facilities against intrusion and disruptions caused by unauthorized visitors gaining access to sites of all types ​


Ensure compliance with regulatory and IT standards related to visitor verification and tracking ​


Reduce the costs of ensuring security at all your facilities​

Manage Visitors With Minimal Staff Assistance

The All-In-One LobbyGuard Kiosk

Perfect for your building entrance or reception area, this all-in-one Kiosk Station comes complete with a 15.6” touchscreen, built-in 2D barcode scanner, optional passport scanner, and camera.

Move the entire check-in experience onto your visitor’s mobile device. Expedite the sign-in process, protect your workforce, and screen visitors with a contactless experience.

LobbyGuard contactless sign in
LobbyGuard SL

Contains everything you need to track visitors entering and leaving your building including the Visitor Management Software, unlimited cloud data storage, plus the hardware featured at right.

Frequently Asked Questions About the LobbyGuard Visitor Management System

LobbyGuard supports 2D barcode scans found on US state-issued driver’s licenses and Real IDs. This is the fastest and most accurate ID scan available.

Information such as company name, reason for visit, and signature scan be collected at sign-in. You can also have visitors agree to terms and conditions, declare physical assets brought onsite, and more. The software allows for an unlimited amount of visitors and user accounts without additional expense.

LobbyGuard assists with ITAR, FSMA, and other federal regulations with unlimited, instant screening against the US Government Consolidated List. Immediately alerts appropriate personnel if a match is made. You can also screen against government sex-offender lists.

Yes. You can keep unauthorized people (disgruntled former employees, competitors, known “bad-actors”) from entering your facility by screening against your red flag lists. Immediately alert appropriate personnel if a match is made. Lists can be enterprise-wide or location-specific.

Yes. You can enable pre-approved visitors, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, and other authorized people to enter quickly and easily. Lists can be enterprise-wide or location-specific.

Yes. You can add screening questions on the kiosk or via the visitors own mobile device through Contactless Sign-in. You can then alert staff if someone fails screening.

Yes. Visitors can simply scan the QR code at the facility and follow the guided welcome journey to sign in. Once the check-in process is complete, the visitor collects their badge from the kiosk area.

Yes. When an employee’s visitor arrives, they can be immediately notified via email and/or text message. Employee directory is kept updated through integration with Active Directory or LDAP. The system can also be used for emergency alerts such as a natural disaster, red flag screen, or other incidents such as a visitor staying too long.

The All-in-one Kiosk includes all security hardware, with hardwired connections for extra security – camera, touchscreen, driver’s license scanner, barcode scanner, and visitor badge printer.

The LobbyGuard SL Solution contains everything you need to track visitors entering and leaving your building including the Visitor Management Software, unlimited cloud data storage, plus the hardware that you can add such as a badge scanner, badge printer, and webcam.

LobbyGuard helps streamline and personalize the check-in process in several ways:

  1. Reads key tags or stick-on barcodes so that frequent visitors, employees, and volunteers can enter quickly.
  2.  Microsoft Outlook Add-in allows employees to schedule visitors directly. Visitors are prescreened and emailed a barcode with the invite for easy sign-in.
  3. You can customize the welcome screen with your logo, announcements, or other information to greet your visitors.
  4. Visitors can sign in and out of LobbyGuard in over 20 languages.
  5. Each visitor type (guest, employee, contractor, delivery driver, etc.) can be asked different customized questions, speeding and simplifying the process.

Visitor management solutions for security, compliance, and savings.

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