Visitor Management Kiosks for Security, Compliance, and Savings

What LobbyGuard Can Do For You​


Improve the physical security of your facilities against intrusion and disruptions caused by unauthorized visitors gaining access to sites of all types ​


Ensure compliance with regulatory and IT standards related to visitor verification and tracking ​


Reduce the costs of ensuring security at all your facilities​

The most secure visitor management system:

  • Screen for COVID-19 exposure: Ask screening questions on the kiosk and alert staff if someone fails screening.

Ease the burden & cost of visitor management:

  • Schedule from Outlook: Microsoft Outlook Add-in allows employees to schedule visitors directly. Visitors are emailed a barcode with the invite for easy sign-in.
  • All-In-One Kiosks: Includes all security hardware, with hardwired connections for extra security - camera, touchscreen, driver's license scanner, barcode scanner, and visitor badge printer.
  • Notify Employees When a Visitor Arrives: When their visitor arrives, employees can be immediately notified via email and/or text message. Employee directory is kept updated through integration with Active Directory or LDAP.
  • All Lobby Types: Unlike most visitor management solutions, LobbyGuard allows for receptionist assisted kiosks, where badge printing and ID check can be done by a receptionist, and unassisted, where badge printing and ID check is done at the kiosk. This gives you flexibility to use the appropriate solution for each lobby type, based on your security requirements.
  • Create the Right Experience for Different Visitor Types: Each visitor type (guest, employee, contractor, delivery driver, etc.) can be asked different questions, speeding and simplifying the process.
  • Scan Driver License 2D Barcodes: Unlike most visitor sign-in systems, which rely on photos of a driver’s license that “read” the text, LobbyGuard supports 2D barcode scans found on US state-issued driver's licenses and Real IDs. This is the fastest and most accurate ID scan available, reducing the risk of the wrong person gaining entry.
  • Collect All the Information You Need from a Visitor: Company name, reason for visit, and signatures. You can also have visitors agree to terms and conditions, declare physical assets brought onsite, and more.
  • Screen Against US Government Consolidated List: Assists with ITAR, FSMA, and other federal regulations with unlimited, instant screening against the US Government Consolidated List. Immediately alerts appropriate personnel if a match is made. You can also screen against government sex-offender lists.
  • Visitor Scheduling: Control visitor check-in kiosk sign-in hours. Screen visitors in advance of arrival and pre-schedule their arrivals.
  • Print Visitor Badges with Photo: Instantly print visitor badges that include visitor name, photo, reason for visit, the person being visited, date and time, and other important information. Badges include a barcode so the visitor can quickly sign out.
  • Quick-Entry: Reads key tags or stick-on barcodes so that frequent visitors, employees, and volunteers can enter quickly.
  • “Red flag” List Screening: Keep unauthorized people (disgruntled former employees, competitors, known “bad-actors”) from entering your facility by screening against your red flag lists. Immediately alert appropriate personnel if a match is made. Lists can be enterprise-wide or location-specific.
  • Unlimited Visitors: Unlimited visitors and user accounts without additional expense.
  • “Green flag” List Screening: Allow pre-approved visitors, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, and other authorized people to enter quickly and easily. Lists can be enterprise-wide or location-specific.
  • Make a Great Impression: Over 1 million people use LobbyGuard software each week and experience easy to use touchscreen-driven software. You can customize the welcome screen with your logo, announcements, or other information to greet your visitors. Visitors can even sign in and out of LobbyGuard in over 20 languages.
  • Respond quickly to audits and emergencies: Know who has entered any facility, at any time. In an emergency, identify visitors currently in a building. For audits, report on details of all visits at all facilities.
  • “If this happens” alerts and notifications: Configure email or text notifications for failed screenings, a visitor staying too long in the building, and other events.

Enterprise-class IT Security​

  • Direct-connected Peripherals: Rather than depend on unreliable and unsecured WiFi or Bluetooth connections that most iOS-based kiosks use, LobbyGuard kiosks have multiple ports so that scanners, printers, and other peripherals can be directly connected.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Based: Most visitor management kiosks run on consumer-grade iOS or Android devices, which creates security risks and IT concerns. LobbyGuard kiosks are enterprise-class, running on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT, so that your IT department can manage these devices with confidence, ease, and for maximum security.
  • Enterprise-class Software: LobbyGuard visitor check-in software runs on Microsoft Azure, with enterprise-class endpoint security, network security, and application security.
  • Ethernet Direct: Hardwire LobbyGuard visitor kiosks directly to Ethernet, eliminating the security risk and instability of WiFi. WiFi is also available for low-risk or remote environments.

Three Visitor Kiosk Options For Any Entry Type​

LobbyGuard Versa™

A visitor kiosk to fit any environment and any budget, using the Microsoft® Surface Go tablet with a 10.1” screen.​
All-in-one kiosk with a large 22” screen and everything you need – with an integrated camera, barcode scanner, driver license scanner, and a visitor badge printer. ​

LobbyGuard SL

Install LobbyGuard on your existing PC hardware.​

Visitor management solutions for security, compliance, and savings.

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