Visitor Management Solutions for Security, Compliance, and Savings

What LobbyGuard Can Do For You​


Improve the physical security of your facilities against intrusion and disruptions caused by unauthorized visitors gaining access to sites of all types ​


Ensure compliance with regulatory and IT standards related to visitor verification and tracking ​


Reduce the costs of ensuring security at all your facilities​

Manage Visitors With Minimal Staff Assistance

The All-In-One LobbyGuard Kiosk

Perfect for your building entrance or reception area, this all-in-one Kiosk Station comes complete with a 15.6” touchscreen, built-in 2D barcode scanner, optional passport scanner, and camera.

Move the entire check-in experience onto your visitor’s mobile device. Expedite the sign-in process, protect your workforce, and screen visitors with a contactless experience.

LobbyGuard contactless sign in

The most secure visitor management system:

Ease the burden & cost of visitor management:

Enterprise-class IT Security​

Visitor management solutions for security, compliance, and savings.

LobbyGuard is a Raptor Technologies® company. A trusted, tested partner, Raptor Technologies provides 35,000 organizations with ongoing expertise, relentless innovation, and safety management systems that provide assurance in the face of intensifying threats.