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LobbyGuard provides the tools needed to track and identify visitors in residence halls and other facilities to ensure college campus visitor management. The visitor security system ensures that the thousands of visitors, students and faculty are approved and safe to visit your campus.


Instant background checks are performed on all visitors against a “Red Flag List” of individuals banned from your campus and select criminal databases. Appropriate personnel are alerted when a match is made.

Lobbyguard offers a quick, easy, and highly secure method for visitors to sign in and out of campus halls and buildings.


Visitor records are always available from any web browser or smart phone, safely stored off-site for instant access in the event of a crisis or evacuation scenario.

It’s never been easier to review and account for everyone in the building. LobbyGuard helps ensure student and visitor safety campus-wide.


A current directory of students and employees can be implemented via Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP server integration, then notify the correct person of a guest with an email and/or text message.

Customized features allow you to choose exactly what data you need from your campus guests before they are granted entry.


Lobbyguard is field-tested and approved by more than 300,000 visitors every week in buildings around the world.

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Great Campus Locations for LobbyGuard

LobbyGuard is designed to enhance security and improve visitor tracking in all areas of your campus, including:

  • IT data centers
  • computer labs
  • student centers
  • residence halls and dorms
  • contractor work areas


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