Reliable Visitor Management for Sports Stadiums and Event Facilities

Protect Your Workforce and Improve Security Across Your Venues

Providing quality security for your sports stadiums and event facilities is necessary. When you jeopardize security, you risk damage to your property and the safety of everyone inside your buildings.  


Ensure Security and Safety 

Some of the biggest names in sports count on LobbyGuard to keep their players, visitors, and staff safe.  With LobbyGuard Visitor Management, you can confidently screen and track who is coming into your facilities and why. This better ensures the safety of your staff, visitors, teams, performers, and contractors by making sure no one receives unauthorized access. 

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Ensure Security, Safety, and Compliance

LobbyGuard systems enable comprehensive background screening, full regulatory compliance, and real-time global line of sight to all visitors across a client’s facilities. User-friendly, self-contained, Wi-Fi enabled LobbyGuard solutions help companies:

Screen every visitor for U.S. person status, criminal background, COVID-19, and more.

Ensure each visitor authorization is visible to any employee with a time-controlled, automatically issued temporary badge.
Record details of each visit (entry/exit time, destination, host), ensuring comprehensive, enterprise-wide reporting and facilitate contact tracing.

Hundreds of the food industry’s leading companies have chosen LobbyGuard, including: