Hospital Visitor Security

An increasing number of healthcare facilities are realizing the need for a secure, cost effective way to manage visitors. LobbyGuard hospital visitor security systems ensure that the thousands of family members, vendors, delivery personnel and other visitors are efficiently processed, approved, and safe to be in your medical facility.


Perform background checks on all visitors against a “Red Flag List” of individuals banned from your building and select criminal databases; alert appropriate personnel when a match is made.

Web-based digital records account for building occupants in case of a crisis or emergency.


Confirm that visitors have acknowledged your policies and procedures with minimal or no staff involvement.

Advance scheduling allows you to coordinate meetings between vendors and your staff, eliminating the problems that arise from unrestricted vendor access.


Maintains electronic records for reimbursement purposes, reducing “first pass” rejection by insurance carriers.

Rreports, including optional photograph and driver license scan, are instantly accessible to provide verification of billable vendor hours.

Lobbyguard is field-tested and approved by more than 300,000 visitors every week in buildings around the world.

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Decide what information you wish to gather from visitors:

  • photo
  • driver license scan
  • reason for visit
  • agreement to special terms and conditions
  • and much more