LobbyGuard & COVID-19: Best Practices to Minimize Exposure

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many aspects of our lives and how we interact with others. We all have the responsibility to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower its impact. In this blog post, we share tips on adjusting your visitor management sign-in process and maintain your LobbyGuard Visitor Management kiosk to minimize exposing visitors and staff to germs or virus contaminants.

Pre-Screen Visitors

LobbyGuard recommends (1) pre-screening all visitors during the sign-in process to determine the visitor’s potential exposure risk and (2) developing a policy to address the needs of those who may bring COVID-19 risks.

Adjust Sign-In Procedures

The LobbyGuard Visitor Management system lets visitors sign in on a self-service touchscreen kiosk. However, as COVID-19 continues to spread, we recommend your front desk personnel sign in all visitors to decrease the number of people touching the kiosk and reduce exposure to the virus. With the kiosk facing your front desk personnel, we recommend you stop taking visitor photos until COVID-19 concerns decline and you are comfortable resuming visitor use of the kiosk. If your policy requires a visitor photo, you can attach an external USD webcam to the kiosk that is turned towards the visitor, allowing your front desk personnel to take the visitor’s photo without having to move the kiosk. If you are currently using LobbyGuard’s driver license scanner or passport scanning feature, we recommend you consider suspending this requirement until you are comfortable resuming visitor use of the kiosk.  If your kiosk is facing your front desk personnel but is still within reach of your visitors, it is possible for the visitor to wave his driver’s license under the bar code scanner while facing the rear of the kiosk.

Mitigate Live Virus Exposure

As with all surfaces, it is important that you keep your kiosk disinfected by cleaning it on a regular basis.  This should involve the use of alcohol-based disinfectant wipes on all kiosk surfaces with the exception of the touchscreen, which should be cleaned using cleaning wipes that are specifically intended for use on LCD and touchscreen surfaces.

Maintain Social Distancing

Your organization should develop specific policies for maintaining a six-foot distance for visitors.  These policies can be worked into your visitor sign-in process by implementing signage in your lobby or placing barriers between your reception staff and your visitor traffic.