Release Notes

LobbyGuard Kiosk v5.63

RELEASE DATE: 07/17/2020 9:00 PM EASTERN

New Features

COVID-19 Screening

Visitors can now be screened for COVID-19 symptoms during sign in by enabling the “Ask COVID-19 Questions” option in a workflow.

  • A visitor can be asked up to 5 Yes/No questions.
  • If a visitor indicates “Yes” to any of the questions, the visitor is not allowed to sign in.
  • Industry standard questions are provided, but each can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Optionally send an email or text message alert using the new “Failed COVID-19 Screening” Rule trigger.

Scheduled Visitors

  • Continued improvement of the look and feel in FrontDesk.
  • Scheduled Visitors are no longer required to enter their name during sign in if known.
  • Earliest Arrival and Latest Arrival enhancements:
    • When creating a new Scheduled Visit, the times default to the day of the visit. This will discourage creating barcodes that never expire.
    • A Scheduled Visit barcode cannot be used at a kiosk outside of this time window.
    • Scheduled Visits without earliest and latest arrive times will continue to work indefinitely.
  • To increase privacy for Scheduled Visitors:
    • Each member of a Scheduled Visit group now receives a unique barcode.
    • When scanning the barcode at the kiosk to sign in, the visitor is no longer required to select their name from the member list

Issues Identified and Corrected

Scheduled Visitors

  • Visits can no longer be scheduled in the past.
  • Only show Terms & Conditions to Scheduled Visitors when “Accept the following terms” is enabled in the workflow.
  • Scheduled Visitors will now be asked whom they are here to visit when “Request the name of the person to be visited” is enabled in the workflow.
  • Fix for “Invalid Date” error on Scheduled Visitors filter in FrontDesk.

Registered Visitors

  • Under certain scenarios, when registering a new visitor at the kiosk, the visitor will be signed in twice and two badges will print. This has been corrected.
  • When registering a new visitor at the kiosk, Reasons for Visit will now nest properly.

Red Flag

  • New entries can be inactive when initially added to the Red Flag list.
  • Name search fixed on list page.


All releases may be subject to auto-update for all customers using LobbyGuard v5.x. Updates will apply to LobbyGuard product(s) at the time chosen during initial kiosk registration or you can restart your kiosk for instant update. Verify your upgrade by accessing the Kiosk Control Panel and click on the “Support Info” button or contact

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