Release Notes

Release Notes
November 15, 2019

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2019 8:00 PM EASTERN


New Features:


New User Registration Enhancement

  • Any new LobbyGuard FrontDesk user who is also creating a new Group via the “Sign Up” button on the FrontDesk login page is now required to choose their organization’s Category (K-12 School, Corporate, Government, Other) during the New User Registration (Group Creation) wizard. FrontDesk administrators will continue to be able to amend this setting under ADMINISTRATION > MANAGE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT > Market Type.

Location Rights Enhancements

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard page will show Visitor counts for the Visitors Today, Currently Signed In, and Denied Visitors tallies based upon the Location Rights they have defined on the individual FrontDesk user. Click the View (Eye icon) to see the Location Rights for the User under ADMINISTRATION > LINKED ACCOUNTS > USERS.
  • Sign Out All Visitors: The Sign Out All Visitors button available at the top of the Signed In Visitors detail screen will only sign out the Visitors at the Locations to which the FrontDesk user has Location Rights.


Issues Identified and Corrected:



  • Sign Out All Visitors: When clicking the Sign Out All Visitors button on the Signed In Visitors detail view (VISITORS > SIGNED IN), any Visitor who signed in via the LobbyGuard Go! mobile app or the FrontDesk+ Sign In A Visitor button will maintain the location at which they signed in. This button used to label all Visitors signed out as if they signed in via “Go,” irrespective of whether or not they actually signed in via Go.
  • Dashboard:
    • Denied/Currently Signed In Visitor Tallies: Denied Visitors will no longer increment the master count of Currently Signed In Visitors until a FrontDesk administrator looks at and handles the Failed Background Match record(s). Any Denied Visitor must first be marked as ‘Not a Match’ against all potential Background Match records before they are considered to be a Signed In Visitor.
    • Denied Visitors: The tally’s text will be changed to “Currently Denied” to more accurately reflect the number’s meaning. It reflects those Visitors who visited today and have failed a background check and need to be looked at.
    • Visitors Today: The tally’s link will now take the FrontDesk user to the Signed Out Visitors detailed view. This button used to link to the same location (Signed In Visitors View) as the Currently Signed In tally.
  • Signed Out Visitors Page: The Signed Out Visitors page (VISITORS > SIGNED OUT) will now filter when choosing a specific Location to filter on.
  • Event Edits: When editing an Event, the Badge Template dropdown now displays the Badge Template that was originally chosen when the Event group was created. An error message is now displayed if a user does not choose a Badge Template for the dropdown. The Badge Template dropdown used to default to ‘select’ when a user edited it.
  • Verified Volunteers Branding Updates: Verified Volunteers is now known as Sterling Volunteers. Updates to the logos and website links only. No changes in the service functionality.



  • Upgrade to support enhanced levels of service.


All releases may be subject to auto-update for all customers using LobbyGuard v5.x. Updates will apply to LobbyGuard product(s) at the time chosen during initial kiosk registration or you can restart your kiosk for instant update. Verify your upgrade by accessing the Kiosk Control Panel and click on the “Support Info” button or contact

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