Release Notes

LobbyGuard Kiosk v5.64

RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2020 7:00 PM EASTERN


  • Scheduled Visitors
    • If a first and last name are provided when a user schedules a visitor in FrontDesk, the visitor will not be prompted to re-enter their name when physically signing in at the kiosk (if applicable in the workflow)
    • When ‘Scheduling a Visit’, the additional information in the ‘Notes’ field is now included in the notification email sent to visitors
  • Background Checks: Sex Offender
    • The Sex Offender search is now more comprehensive to include matches without a known address or state
  • Workflows
    • The ‘Use License Photo’ option has now been removed from the workflow page. This option was only applicable to the Sentry kiosk with a ScanShell Scanner and is no longer supported.

Issues Identified and Corrected:

  • Scheduled Visitors
    • If both ‘Request Visitor’s Photo’ and ‘Scan Visitor’s Driver’s License’ are enabled in a workflow, a Scheduled Visitor will be prompted to scan their license
    • After a Scheduled Visitor is signed in, their printed Visitor Badge will sign the individual out when scanned at the kiosk
    • When a screen timeout is set for ‘Scan Visitor’s Driver’s License’, the Kiosk will wait for the specified time for a Scheduled Visitor to scan their license
    • ‘Name’ and ‘Email Address’ are now required when adding a Scheduled Visitor in FrontDesk
    • When updating a previously created Scheduled Visit in FrontDesk, the barcode type for subsequently added visitors will remain the same
    • If a visit is scheduled in FrontDesk, the ‘Who’ line in the notification email sent to an employee on their scheduled visitor’s arrival will display correctly.
    • In certain cases, a scheduled or walk-up visitor may be signed in 4 times if there is a corresponding ‘Match Audit’ record for the visitor. This has been corrected.
    • When the order of a Reasons for Visit is changed, the ‘Reason for Visit’ will be shown correctly when ‘Scheduling a Visit’
  • COVID-19 Questions
    • When copying and pasting COVID-19 questions into FrontDesk from Microsoft Office Documents, special characters will no longer cause an error or delete all questions for the customer
  • Workflows
    • A visitor cannot sign in at the Kiosk prior to the time specified in the workflow “May Not Sign-In Prior To” option
    • A small number of customers workflow settings were not reflected on the Kiosk after saving in FrontDesk. This has been corrected.
  • Other
    • When signing in a visitor using FrontDesk+, secondary and third level ‘Reasons for Visit’ that were deleted will no longer show
    • In certain cases, a ‘Red Flag’ match may show up twice after previously being cleared from the ‘Denied’ tab. This has been corrected.
    • A FrontDesk administrator will no longer inadvertently change the Visitor Type of a Registered Visitor when updating the visitor’s information
    • Improvements to the name search on the ‘Red Flag List’
    • On the ‘Volunteer Application Sources’ page, the link to ‘Sterling Volunteers’ is now correct

All releases may be subject to auto-update for all customers using LobbyGuard v5.x. Updates will apply to LobbyGuard product(s) at the time chosen during initial kiosk registration or you can restart your kiosk for instant update. Verify your upgrade by accessing the Kiosk Control Panel and click on the “Support Info” button or contact

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