Release Notes

Release Notes
LobbyGuard Kiosk v5.62 / FrontDesk

RELEASE DATE: 03/27/2020 9:00 PM EASTERN


New Features:


Background Checks: Red Flag Expiration Date
Red Flag entries now have an optional Expiration Date. All visitors will be screened against the entry starting on the date it is added in FrontDesk through the end of the expiration date. If no expiration date is provided, visitors will be screened against the entry indefinitely. Screening will occur only if the entry is Active.

Rules: “Visitor Name Match Failed” Trigger Notification Change
Notifications now include the visitor’s Company Name if enabled in workflow.

Directories: Active Directory/LDAPS Filter Length
The length of the Filter is now unlimited to support more complex filters.

Reports: Confidential Report Columns
A column was added to include the visitor’s response to “Ask if Visitor is US Person”. This is in addition to the “Ask if Visitor is US Citizen” response.

All releases may be subject to auto-update for all customers using LobbyGuard v5.x. Updates will apply to LobbyGuard product(s) at the time chosen during initial kiosk registration or you can restart your kiosk for instant update. Verify your upgrade by accessing the Kiosk Control Panel and click on the “Support Info” button or contact

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