Release Notes


LobbyGuard Kiosk v5.66 / FrontDesk

RELEASE DATE: 05/07/2021 8:00PM EST

New Features

Contactless Sign In

  • Create a Contactless Experience: By reducing surface touchpoints, you can better protect your employees, contractors, and vendors.
  • Expedited Sign In: Visitors can use their own mobile device instead of the on-site kiosk eliminating lobby congestion.
  • Run instant & real-time background checks: Know who you’re allowing to enter the premise and ensure you’re protecting your workforce.
  • Initiate Badge Printing from a Mobile Device: Upon completing the sign-in process, your Visitor’s Badge will be waiting at the kiosk.
  • To turn on Contactless Sign In for a kiosk, visit the Kiosk details page under the “Administration” section of FrontDesk.
  • Please see our Contactless Sign In FAQ for more information.

Issues Identified & Corrected

Scheduled Events:

  • The Visitor Details page in FrontDesk will now show all details of a visitor signed in during a Scheduled Event. (60756)

“May Not Sign-in Prior To” Times

  • The kiosk will now reliably prevent sign-ins before the specified time when “May not sign-in prior to” is turned on. (68203)
  • Note: After your kiosk updates to v5.65, please login to FrontDesk and confirm the time is correct on all workflows that have “May not sign-in prior to” turned on. You must re-save the workflow to ensure this feature will work as intended.
Red Flag
  • A Registered Visitor who is also on the Red Flag list, may show on the Denied Tab in FrontDesk when signing in with a Reason for Visit that has “Background Check for Registered Visitors” turned off. This issue has been corrected. (68904)
  • When editing a Red Flag entry that includes a photo, the photo image will now show on the page, rather than just the photo filename. (69940)
  • Usability improvements to the Kiosks section in FrontDesk.

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