Release Notes

LobbyGuard FrontDesk

RELEASE DATE: 10/22/2021 8:00PM EST

New Features

Terms & Conditions

  • A copy of the terms and conditions for each visit is available in PDF format in Visitor Details. Visitor signature is included if collected during sign in.
  • Your visitor policies may change over time, but now you can easily access and review the exact terms agreed to during the visit.
  • View the PDF document online or download and distribute to the visitor.
  • Note: The PDF is only available for future visits after the release date.


Signed In and Signed Out Visitors

  • Pagination: The Signed In and Signed Out lists are now paginated to better support groups with high visitor volume.  Page size is customizable from 10 to 100.
  • Filtering: You can now search the Signed In and Signed Out lists by First Name and Last Name independently.
  • Page load times are improved.

Tablet (iPad) Usability Improvements

  • Visitor Details: Optimized to better support viewing Visitor Details on an iPad.
  • Signed In and Signed Out: Search and Filter fields are now accessible on an iPad.

Issues Identified & Corrected

Visitor Details

  • Terms & Conditions signatures now show in Visitor Details if collected during sign in (64981)
  • When “Request Signature” is enabled in the workflow, an image of the signature will appear in Visitor Details (64982)

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