The Critical Role of Visitor Management Solutions Now and in the Post-COVID-19 World

Covid-19 Visitor management solutions

Jim Vesterman, CEO of Raptor Technologies®, recently discussed the importance of visitor management solutions in an article featured in SDM Magazine entitled “Visitor Management Provides the Who, When & Where.” A summary of the article is below.

An Essential System for Reopening

Robust visitor management solutions, like LobbyGuard, are imperative to maintain security. LobbyGuard provides full line of sight by screening, tracking, and recording every visitor and their details, which can include their contact information, when they were in your building, and who they were visiting. This level of security and data collection is imperative as facilities face intensifying threats.

“Facilities have never been so vulnerable, from so many directions: cyber-attacks, corporate espionage and dangerous intruders,” says Vesterman. “Outdated, error-prone, insecure paper and pen sign-in logs just won’t cut it anymore. This type of visitor management process is rapidly disappearing, and companies of all sizes are recognizing the value of an automated visitor management system.”

With COVID-19, facilities have realized that “automated visitor management systems have emerged as absolutely essential for companies to safeguard their employees and workplaces from this unseen and potentially deadly threat,” said Vesterman. The system’s robust reporting capabilities also help companies comply with OSHA reporting requirements and facilitate contact tracing.

A Reliable COVID-19 Screening Solution

As COVID-19 continues to spread, businesses face the daunting challenge of keeping their employees safe from infection. Companies, especially ones with frequent visitor traffic, hosting visitors, vendors, and contractors each day, must take precautionary steps, including screening visitors with COVID-19-related health questions and keeping anyone deemed an exposure risk out of the facility.

“Many clients are now sending visitors questionnaires at least a day prior to their visit to ask COVID-19-related questions,” Vesterman stated. “Based on the client’s policies, the visitor will either be placed on the approved list or the unapproved list within the … system. When visitors arrive, they scan their driver’s license or passport and take their photos as part of the check-in process, and the system instantly checks them against the company’s approved visitor list and the U.S. Government Consolidated List.”

LobbyGuard self-service kiosks are suitable for either receptionist-assisted or self-serve unassisted screening, check-in, and entry. System configurations can be applied to every type of lobby or facility entrance.

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