Top 5 Reasons Government Facilities Need an Automated Visitor Management System to Maintain Security and Respond to COVID-19

Government Facility Visitor Management

Outdated, unreliable paper-and-pencil visitor logs are not enough to keep your office and property safe, comply with strict regulations, and protect your staff from COVID-19 exposure.

An automated visitor management system, like LobbyGuard, makes it easy to maintain a highly secure workplace. LobbyGuard gives you full line of sight by screening each visitor and recording their information and enables you to better respond to COVID-19. Below are the top 5 reasons government offices should consider an automated visitor management system.

1.Know Precisely Who is Visiting

Visitor screening and identification are paramount in ensuring you are keeping unwanted entrants—including banned visitors, disgruntled ex-employees, and even terrorists—out of your office. LobbyGuard Visitor Management solutions scan visitor IDs, capture their photos and information, and perform instant screening against U.S. government consolidated lists as well as your red-flag (not allowed) and green-flag (allowed) lists. Visitors can also be asked a series of questions based on visitor type (guest, contractor, delivery driver, etc.) and to agree to custom terms and conditions before being granted access.

2.Print Badges Showing Visitor is Approved

After signing into the system, approved visitors receive a badge with their name, photo, destination, and time stamp of arrival. As the visitor walks through the workplace, your employees will instantly know the visitor has been granted access and if the visitor is where they should be based on the listed destination. If an employee sees someone without a badge, they will instantly know to alert security. Badges can also include a barcode for quick sign out and COVID-19 information as noted in a following section.

3.Record Visitor Data

The system automatically tracks visitor data, including contact information, dates, check-in and check-out times, and employee host. This information is securely recorded within the system, is password-protected, and is readily available in a downloadable report. Authorized office staff can see exactly who is visiting on a real-time dashboard—which will become paramount if there is an immediate need to evacuate and account for everyone in the building. Workplaces can also leverage this comprehensive reporting to track how long a visitor has been in the building and how many times they have visited.

This accurate recordkeeping is also essential for COVID-19 response. If a previous visitor or a staff member alerts you that they have tested positive, these reports give you the data you need to facilitate contact tracing. Based on the sign-in and sign-out times that are tracked in the system, you will quickly be able to determine when the infected person was in your building and who else was in your building while he or she was there.

4.Comply with CMMC Regulations and Audit Requirements

Insecure paper logs make it difficult to retain the records needed to comply with visitor-based regulations and maintain Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). LobbyGuard helps government offices comply with the Physical Protection P1131 through visitor screening, having visitors agree to terms and conditions and declare any physical assets brought onsite, printing visitor badges, and tracking and maintaining complete visitor records. The system also allows you to issue alerts and notifications based on custom scenarios, including for example, if a visitor has stayed too long in the building.

5.Mitigate COVID-19 Exposure and Comply with OSHA Requirements

As COVID-19 continues to spread and as offices begin to reopen, it is imperative that you have a trusted solution that can help with your response and minimize exposure. The LobbyGuard system enables companies to screen visitors, ask about their potential exposure, and print a badge that shows the visitor has been screened for COVID-19. Visitor records can be used for contact tracing and to help companies comply with OSHA’s new guidance on reporting work-related COVID-19 illnesses.

Purchasing through the CARES Act

Because LobbyGuard helps with contact tracing and COVID-19 response, the solution is considered an allowable expense through the CARES Act, which has given funds to local, state, and tribal governments. To learn more about the CARES Act and other requirements for fund approval, click here.

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