Visitor Management Software (Baltimore)

At LobbyGuard, we specialize in visitor management software, designed for Baltimore businesses and institutions.  Our software has benefits that reach across industries. There is no need to worry about cost because we will work within your budget.  Our visitor management software can simply be installed on your existing computer.  It comes equipped with a high-resolution camera that takes photos of visitors, providing added security.  The image will be added to a database and printed out on the visitor badge.  This simple change will eliminate the need for outdated “HELLO” badges that required names to be handwritten.  In Baltimore we have many offices, buildings, and places of employment in need of a system that will maintain accountability of exactly who the people are entering and exiting these perspective places.  Our visitor management software Baltimore has multi-lingual support to accommodate our customers that may not speak English.  We give our customers an opportunity to customize their visitor management software to ask people visiting their facilities specific customizable questions.  LobbyGuard will enables access to visitor logs from anywhere via a website specifically designed.  The logs will make the log in process easier for frequent visitors.  Most importantly you can input the policies of your perspective facility that visitors will have to agree to before granting access.  This gives you total control of everyone that enters and leaves the building.

At LobbyGuard, in Baltimore, our visitor management software is very easy to use.  It is used by more than 300,000 people each week.  It is touch screen based with easy to follow audio and visual prompts.  We have been in business for 13 years and headquartered in Raleigh, NC.  We have been recognized as a leader in the visitor management industry.  We were the first company to offering a visitor management self-service kiosk.  When your organization is considering implementing a visitor management system, let LobbyGuard in Baltimore accommodate you. (866)905-6229