Five Ways Contactless Visitor Management Keeps Your Employees and Workplaces Safe

With contactless sign-in, visitors simply scan QR code with their mobile device and follow the guided welcome journey in their browser to complete the check-in process. Once a visitor is approved, your employee receives notification that their visitor has arrived, and a visitor badge automatically prints at the kiosk for quick retrieval. 

Below are the top five ways LobbyGuard contactless sign-in helps keep employees, visitors, contractors, and offices safe during—and beyond—the pandemic. 

1. Slows the Spread of Germs 

Contactless sign-in moves the entire check-in experience onto the visitor’s mobile device. This reduces surface touchpoints, slowing the spread of germs and ultimately the virus’s transmission. This process also expedites the sign-in process to eliminate congestion in your lobby, as visitors no longer have to wait in line to use a kiosk. 

2. Screens for COVID-19 Exposure Risk 

Businesses face the daunting challenge of keeping their employees safe from COVID-19. Companies, especially ones with frequent visitor trafficmust take precautionary steps, including screening visitors with COVID-19-related health questions and keeping anyone deemed an exposure risk out of the facility. Visitors can answer a quick health screening questionnaire directly on their mobile device during sign-in. If a visitor fails the health screening, your receptionist and/or appropriate security personnel are immediately notified. 

3. Checks for Unwanted and Unapproved Visitors 

Each entrant is screened to confirm they should receive access to your facilityThis screening includes sex offender checks, iTAR, and any custom red or green flag lists you create. If a visitor fails the background check, they receive an error message that prompts them to see an employee before proceeding. Instant notifications are also sent to your receptionist and/or security personnel. You can also require visitors to sign a Terms & Conditions statement.

4. Records Imperative Data for Contact Tracing 

LobbyGuard instantly records specific details of each entrant to your facility. With COVID-19, this data capability will allow you to facilitate contact tracing quickly and easily. These detailed records, including contact information, dates, check-in and check-out times, for every visitor–and that of employees and contractors if you choose to screen them through the visitor management system–will enable you to inform individuals of their possible exposure and collaborate with local health authorities accordingly. 

5. Helps You Comply with OSHA Reporting Requirements 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all businesses—except small employers with 10 or fewer employees and those in low hazard industries—to record work-related COVID-19 cases. Cases can be work-related when an employee contracts the virus after exposure to an ill customer or visitorLobbyGuard’s robust reporting helps you track if an employee was in contact with a customer, visitor, or other staff member who has tested positive; thus, you will have the documentation needed to confidently decide if the COVID-19 case is work-related and recordable. 

Why LobbyGuard?

Lobbyguard visitor management systems give you full knowledge of precisely who is entering your premises, helping you protect property and products, safeguard employees and visitors, and guard against COVID-19 exposure. This helps reassure employees that everyone has been screened, approved for entry, and cleared for COVID-19 exposure before they enter your workplace. 

For a more detailed overview of the role of an automated visitor management system when reopening and reoccupying the workplace in the age of COVID-19, download our eBook.