Ensure FSMA Compliance with Automated Visitor Management

Automated Visitor Management Helps Ensure FSMA Compliance

On any given day, do you know who is accessing your facility and what their intentions are? Having precise details of each visitor—including those of bad actors such as disgruntled ex-employees, food fraudsters, or terrorists bent on adulterating your products—is fundamental to your security and is required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). With the bottom-line goal of preventing intentional adulteration of food and potential widespread harm, FSMA passed the Final Rule for Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration, which requires food manufacturers to assess their facilities, determine how they can reduce risk of adulteration, implement the strategies, and then confirm that the chosen strategies are working.

A visitor management system that can screen each visitor and record every detail of each visit, including entry and exit time and employee host, can help you ensure FSMA compliance and audit readiness. A clear best practice is to have a comprehensive visitor management system in place that will:

Perform Background Checks and Screen Visitors Against Custom Watch Lists

It’s hard to know if a visitor is safe when all you record is their name on the sign-in sheet. The only way you can be truly confident that the person you’re allowing to enter your facility is not a threat is to instantly perform background checks and screen the visitor against custom watch lists, including banned visitors or ex-employees. If a banned visitor or a potentially threatening individual attempts to enter your facility, you’ll receive instant notification so you can intervene and prevent their entrance.

Learn how the LobbyGuard Visitor Management system works

LobbyGuard systems enable comprehensive background screening, full regulatory compliance, and real-time global line of sight to all visitors across a client’s facilities.

Print Visitor Badges to Make It Easy to Tell if Someone Doesn’t Belong

With an assortment of visitors—including contractors, vendors, technicians, utility workers, or consultants—entering your facility every day, it can be hard to keep track of who is supposed to be there and exactly where in your facility they’re supposed to be. Requiring visitors to wear badges makes it easy for your employees to quickly determine if a visitor is approved to enter the facility and in what areas the visitor is authorized to be present. A comprehensive visitor management system automatically prints visitor badges with names, photos, destinations, dates, and times. This helps your employees instantly identify visitors and their intentions—so if they were to see someone who doesn’t belong, they can quickly alert security.

Notify Employees When Their Visitors Arrive

An imperative practice to prevent food adulteration is to make sure all your visitors are escorted while they are at your facility. The last thing any food manufacturer wants is for a visitor to intentionally or unintentionally tamper with your food or equipment. A visitor management system that alerts your employees via email or text when their visitors arrive helps maintain the integrity of your facility and your products.

Track and Maintain a Complete Record of All Visits

FSMA requires documentation so FDA inspectors can confirm the mitigation strategies in place are working. A visitor log is one example of approved documentation. The visitor log should track every detail of each visit, including visitor arrival, employee host, destination, purpose, and exit time. And in the event of a contamination issue at your facility, the visitor log will tell you who was at your facility when the issue took place, so you’ll have a strong start in any investigation. A visitor management system makes it easy to keep track of these critical details and know precisely who is on your premises either in real time or in retrospect.

A robust visitor management system such as the one described above seems virtually indispensable for food defense, regulatory compliance, and plant safety. By partnering with LobbyGuard, you will have complete line of sight to every single visitor. The LobbyGuard Visitor Management systems are user-friendly, scalable systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing data network, ensure your compliance with FSMA, keep you FDA audit-ready, and protect both your products and employees.

Learn how the LobbyGuard Visitor Management system works

LobbyGuard systems enable comprehensive background screening, full regulatory compliance, and real-time global line of sight to all visitors across a client’s facilities.


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