The LobbyGuard OEM Program

OEM Program

LobbyGuard’s OEM Program lets you rename all parts of the LobbyGuard hardware and software to fit into your firm’s branding and product strategy. This program offers the highest possible revenue potential and the strongest partnership with LobbyGuard.

How it Works

The OEM Program is an in-depth process of rebranding the LobbyGuard product with your own logo or brand name. All instances of “LobbyGuard” are replaced with your brand, and all services offered by LobbyGuard – including sales, hardware service, and front-line technical support – are handled by your firm; giving you a closer relationship to your customer and offering you the greatest opportunity for revenue growth. LobbyGuard serves as the software engine to your product.


In order to make your OEM partnership a success, intensive training and certification with LobbyGuard sales and support teams are a part of this process, as well as reviewing and certifying your kiosk hardware platform. Your firm will be provided the highest priority technical and training support as needed.

How to Get Started

Follow these three easy steps to become an OEM Partner today:


1 Complete the LobbyGuard Reseller Application and send to
2 Once we receive your completed application you will be contacted and will receive the OEM Contract and OEM Price Sheet. Sign the contract and return to
3 You will be assigned a LobbyGuard Partner Manager to assist you in every step of the OEM training, sales, and onboarding process. Your sales reps can start marketing immediately and generating leads and sales!

Get Started Today! Fill out the LobbyGuard Reseller Application, and send to Questions? Contact us at